Onboarding Process in UAE for Full-time Employees

Organizations must do so much more to lure qualified workers in this modern competitive business environment, where competitiveness for talented employees is escalating constantly. One essential method for strengthening your employment identity and hiring skillful individuals is to optimize the process of new staff onboarding. It will be your foremost encounter and your only opportunity to establish the basis for future onboarding processes within the company.

By the end of the onboarding process, the new worker should have a strong comprehension of the values and culture of your organization.

Learning about the multiple onboarding processes can assist you in developing a concrete plan to attract recruits, enhance and retain hires, and assist workers in adjusting to institutional practices if your business is least familiar with the onboarding processes or if you want to enhance this part of the company’s HR. Furthermore, onboarding can also be outsourced to firms providing payroll services in the UAE.

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Common Phases Of Onboarding Process in UAE

Understanding the following phases critical to onboard full-time employees will certainly make the process convenient for a business;

Early Onboarding

The very initial onboarding phase, often known as pre-onboarding or early onboarding, commences whenever an applicant says yes to your offering and lasts till day one of his job. It is indeed a critical period for the applicants because they’re almost completely unsure about what is to come. Only a minor mistake or misinterpretation might cause applicants to second-guess their choice to work for the firm.

Applicants, on the contrary, will become more thrilled regarding the desire to enter the business if they are effectively handled and brought up to date with the institutional changes.

Assist the applicants in completing the relevant papers throughout the initial phase of onboarding. Allow them sufficient time because they might be winding up the departing responsibilities at the last workplace. In case the applicant is migrating, see if he requires assistance in searching for a place to reside.

You may forward the applicant a short documentary or article to explain the way your company operates as well as what he would experience in the very first encounter. If you are running a global business, you can free your global HR and payroll department from onboarding requirements by hiring payroll services in the UAE.

Welcome New Employees

Phase two of the onboarding process is frequently devoted to welcoming recruits to the firm and giving orientation sessions to assist new employees in acclimating. Taking into account that employees might barely know anybody in the company presently, also they might barely understand how employees perform on a regular schedule.

This is why, before they start the job, you must provide them with a comprehensive image of the business. Usually, recruits are anxious to begin the job, so keep this period to no more than 7 days.

Make day one simple and smooth. Throughout the orientation, assist employees in getting a deeper understanding of the corporate culture as well as demonstrate how the working conditions correspond with organizational culture. Talk about matters like vacation time, payroll rules, medical insurance, attendance, etc. If needed, point the employees the directions to medical services, cafeterias, parking lots, etc.

Following that, present the recruits to existing coworkers as well as other participants. You might plan a short conversation among the recruits after phase two to ensure their comfort and proper adjustment. Moreover, if you think it will be difficult for your business to manage full-time employee payroll, you can look for global payroll solutions.

Specific & Adequate Training

Among the most vital elements of onboarding is training, and it is closely connected to the success of new workers in particular roles. The workers might not always understand what it costs to prosper if they do not receive proper training. As an outcome, employees might be unhappy, which might result in a greater turnover.

A well-crafted training program for new employees, on the contrary, would make workers feel welcomed by indicating your concern about their growth.

With initial training stages, assist workers in becoming acquainted with the LMS (Learning Management System) in place in the organization. When you provide virtual classes, employees must not be intimidated by the software.

Explore several learning strategies like microlearning, self-paced learning, blended learning, etc, to enable the recruits to choose the most comfortable style for them. All the learning material for onboarding must be kept in a secure location that workers can quickly acquire and monitor. 

Transitioning From New Employee To Permanent Employee

The final stage of the onboarding process is designed to assist workers in transitioning from the position of a trainee to that of a permanent, ready-to-go worker. Urge the supervisors to establish realistic boundaries and goals for the fresh teammates so that all of them remain aware of their responsibilities. It is preferable to develop sensible objectives to assist employees in picture achievement, reliability, and performance.

You might hold a performance evaluation after 15 or 30 days to highlight the accomplishments present and assist employees in increasing productivity. After the onboarding and recruitment are done, some companies find it hard to pay full-time employees if they work globally, however, an international payroll solution such as outsourcing can help with this.

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Choose The Best Services

No doubt, onboarding procedures, and requirements are lengthy and take a great amount of time. Expanding global businesses find it way too difficult to cope with the onboarding processes so they prefer outsourcing instead.

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