What is Global Payroll Services?

Global payroll services include the processes of managing, incorporating, and paying all of the contractors and employees of an entity around the globe. It is not limited to paying the employees only but it is much more than that. As compared to administrative solutions, global payroll is more tactical and critical which helps you in hiring and paying talented employees from anywhere in the world.

What are Global Payroll Services?

Global payroll has certainly made employment, management, and payment of employees facilitated but the benefits of it do not end here.

Following is how global payroll can benefit your business or organization :

  • It enables you to manage all of your international offices and employees from a single central location. It cuts out the need of piling up huge contracts and hiring different service providers in different countries. A single international payroll service provider can perform all the payroll functions for your business.
  • This type of payroll is cloud-based and it helps you to retrieve important pieces of information from anywhere in the world for your business. There is no need to worry about misinformation because genuine information can be retrieved from all the devices that are connected to the system.
  • It saves lots of time and energy because it is a single team that is carrying out the global service. Administrative tasks such as making reports and spreadsheets, etc, can be time-consuming and error-prone. A single efficient team performing the whole task of payroll is far better than lots of employees in different countries and offices doing administrative tasks.
  • It helps your business to stay competitive in the global world because most successful companies nowadays are enjoying payroll services in UAE that are global. A business becomes more relevant when major tasks such as payroll are being done swiftly and accurately.
  • A major advantage of such payroll is that it is facilitated by cloud software. It enables the payroll team to interact with employees and coworkers in other departments and areas at hand. The distance and time factors are eliminated at this point.
  • One payroll service can be linked to different departments of a huge business and it connects the system, in this way, making it run smoother.

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Types of Payroll Providers

In payroll outsourcing in UAE, two types of service providers are usually available i.e., one that is partner-dependent and the other that involves owning an entity. Both are capable of handling a business’ payroll tasks on a global level.


This type of service is provided to those who own entities in different countries. These services include payroll, tax payments, compliance, and benefits for the entity. This type of international payroll is strongly protected when it comes to intellectual property and also facilitates the international employees of the company.

Partner Dependent

This means that some companies provide their services in different countries through third parties and do not have their entities in those countries. Since it involves third parties and your employees are not directly working with your company, the management of employees is poor leading to employees’ bad experiences. There is less IP protection in these types of services. Entities are always encouraged to avoid third-party services and collaborations.

Types of Payroll Services

In general, the following three types of services are provided by payroll providers;

Global Employment Service

This type of service is needed when you don’t have an entity in another country where your workers or employees reside. The service providers, in this case, will use the EOR (Employer of Record) model to recruit employees in that country on your behalf. The service providers make your employees work in that country legally where you don’t have an entity. The employees remain your employees but they are working under the service provider for the sake of legalization.

Local Payroll Service

This type of service is needed in a country where you own an authorized entity. The service providers can manage your payroll tasks for that particular country. This type of service is best for those entities that have invested in a single country and plan to create a major workforce in that country. While enjoying this type of service, the entity is itself responsible for the protection of intellectual property and also for legal obligations.

International Contractor Payment

This type of service lets you manage the payroll of your international contractors. Contractors are people from other countries who work for your business but are not considered employees of your company. This type of service is best for short-term projects, deals, and arrangements. The company needs to consider the laws of the country where the contractor lives to avoid intellectual property loss and resulting penalties.

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