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Human Resources is critical for any business, regardless of how big or small. The responsibilities of HR include hiring, firing, payroll, and keeping updated on local employment laws and regulations. By establishing the correct HR procedures and policies, a business enables itself to manage its staff properly and effectively.

Payroll Middle East, one of the leading HR outsourcing companies in Dubai, offers HR services in Dubai that deliver flexible, practical support our clients require, most especially when they’re first entering the local market. With HR Outsourcing Dubai, we help create an effective and efficient HR function without substantial investment. Our HR solutions include business support functions as well as ad-hoc services, so clients can focus primarily on growing their businesses.

Every legal business entity established in the region is subject to UAE labor law, which requires full compliance. Payroll Middle East, regarded as one of the trusted human resource consulting firms, can assist organizations in understanding and addressing issues with our HR solutions in Dubai such as HR procedures, policies, compensation, benefits, contracts, working hours, record management, employment conditions, holidays, insurance, exits, and inductions.

We also advise differences between Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore regulations with our outsourced HR solutions, including variations between Free Zones themselves. In addition, our seasoned experts provide timely updates concerning changes in UAE labor and employment legislation.

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Employment Contracts

All UAE employees require a labor contract that’s by local regulations. Outsourced HR providers, HR consulting firms, and HR outsourcing companies can assist with the drafting of offer letters and employment contracts. At Payroll Middle East, our HR outsourcing UAE also reviews existing contracts for continued compliance.

End-of-Service Gratuity Calculations

The correct calculation of end-of-service gratuities is essential, not only for legal reasons as there is also the need to understand a company’s potential financial liabilities, as well as their impact on company balance sheet.

The EoS gratuity employees receive varies greatly, depending on the contract of the employee and the time served by the employer. It is also important to note that the manner of the employee’s departure will affect gratuity payment. Payroll Middle East will assist in the calculation of end-of-service gratuity payments and employee notice periods. We also help ensure exit procedures are compliant and correct.


Foreign employees in the UAE have to hold relevant and valid employment visas. With decades of experience helping clients comply with UAE immigration procedures, we can advise and offer support on UAE inbound arrangements and for the processing of employment visas. Our in-house professionals keep clients well-informed on timelines, the status of all applications, and anticipated issues.

HR Support

Outsourcing the HR function or a part of it allows businesses to put more focus on expansion and growth as the day-to-day administration of employees is taken care of by experts. Payroll Middle East offers HR support that is designed to manage the entire HR process of companies in the UAE. Our HR solutions can be on an ad hoc basis, where and as required.

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Our Experts Are Often Asked the Following Questions – HR Outsourcing Company Dubai, UAE

Clients of the firm rely on our expertise in running the HR departments of startups, SMEs, and corporations.

What Are the Elements Mandatory for Employment Contracts in UAE?

Employment contracts have to specify the start date, the kind of contract (unlimited or limited), the amount of remunerations, designation, probation period, holiday entitlement, and notice period.

What’s the Difference Between Unlimited and Limited Contracts?

Unlimited contracts in UAE are valid indefinitely and can be terminated anytime by either the employer or the employee for various reasons as specified in UAE labor legislation. As for limited employment contracts, they are set to a limited time and are usually linked to a residency visa’s duration. A limited contract is given to an employee when it is needed for a certain period.

How Is End-of-Service Gratuity Calculated When an Employee Is Under a Limited Contract?

Employees are entitled to gratuity pay following one year of service with an employer or organization; however, employees won’t receive gratuity when contracts are terminated. Gratuity pay accrues after service of five (5) years with an organization.

For an employee with more than five (5) years of service, he or she is entitled to gratuity pay similar to an employee with an unlimited contract. The calculation for gratuity pay for an unlimited contract is as follows:

  • First five years of service – 21 days of basic pay
  • For every additional year – 30 days of basic pay

The total gratuity pay shouldn’t exceed the employee’s salary for two years.

What’s a Notice Period?

A notice period of thirty to ninety days is mandatory under UAE Labour Law. As mentioned earlier, the notice period is agreed upon contract signing and has to be adhered to. The notice period can be waived if all concerned parties (employer and employee) agree.

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