Payroll Services In Qatar

All businesses that have employees run payroll to get staff paid. Rather than processing it in-house and training a team of payroll specialists, many companies hire the firm, Payroll Middle East, for payroll processing in Qatar and make the process a lot simpler and convenient.

Qatar Regulations on Employee Wages Protection

Qatar Ministry of Labour and Qatar Central Bank has developed an electronic system for salary transfer, the Wage Protection System, to ensure full and timely payment of the wages of employees through a database. This new system allows businesses and institutions in Qatar to pay the wages of employees via financial institutions and banks authorized and approved by the Qatar Central Bank.

All companies that fail to abide by the process will face fines or penalties, and won’t be able to acquire new work permits and be allowed to sponsor visas for employees. Additionally, the Qatar government allows employees to switch jobs with no NOC from employers if salaries are not released within seven days from the due date

At Payroll Middle East, our payroll services don’t require your business to hire a team of experts install payroll software, or maintain a team of payroll specialists. Both options can be costly just to comply with government regulations. Our payroll specialists based in Qatar will help your business run and manage your payroll while staying compliant. Clients seek our help to pay part-time and full-time employees, and freelance and contract workers as well.

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Scope of Payroll Service in Qatar

Payroll Services In Qatar

Our payroll and HR solutions include:

Payroll Processing

Our payroll and HR solutions involve payroll specialists calculating how much employees are to be paid for every pay period. Our experts account for overtime, wage rates, holiday pay, shift differentials, as well as benefit deductions among others. Our payroll processing team then makes payments to all employees through direct deposit, paper check, or prepaid debit cards.

Management of Paid Time Off

We also provide paid time off management which includes tracking the sick hours and vacation of employees that they have earned and used. Our payroll experts help facilitate time off requests and the approval process.

Questions and Inquiries

Company management and employees alike can call us for any questions regarding pay stubs and all aspects related to payroll processing.

Payroll Reports

Our payroll solutions in Qatar include detailed salary reports which can provide a much deeper look into the company payroll and how a company operates.

The main reason why more and more companies in Qatar hire us for payroll processing is accuracy in payroll calculations and handling of payroll payments. With our payroll and HR solutions, you get the assurance that everything related to your company payroll is taken care of by seasoned payroll specialists and you remain fully compliant to government regulations regarding employee compensation.

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Why Our Clients Choose Us

Just like with any service, payroll processing from one service provider to another differs in terms of the level of service. SMEs and MNCs in Qatar prefer our solutions for the following reasons:

Operating for more than three decades, the firm has an established and proven track record which gives clients the feeling of security knowing that their payroll is handled properly and they have expert help in dealing with all payroll issues that they may face.
We provide help whenever you need it. Each business has a dedicated support team for payroll processing and experts will be the point of contact of the business to the firm for all inquiries.
Apart from handling the processing of payroll, our payroll and HR solutions offer several pay options like paper checks, prepaid debit cards, and direct deposit. Our service, as mentioned earlier, includes garnishment payments, workers’ compensation administration, paid time off management, detailed payroll reports, and general HR advisory and support.
Peace of Mind
Contrary to taking a reactive approach, our payroll specialists based in Qatar believe in utilizing the proactive approach to provide clients peace of mind and efficiency in handling the payroll of their businesses.
Payroll Advisory
We are more than a firm that processes your company payroll. We understand that there are issues that pop up, which is why we’re always ready to provide clients with simple and innovative ways to tackle problems both existing and potential.

Processing the payroll of a company requires expertise as it is tricky. Getting it done in-house is possible but it is often subjected to a lot of errors. To avoid this, clients hire us for their payroll to be error-free. It is always a good idea to hire experts and eliminate or reduce the chances of making errors that are often too costly.
On-time Payments
On-time salary, as they say, results in happy employees which contribute to the growth of a business. Big or small, for a business to work feasibly, it needs payroll processing specialists like our team to ensure timely payrolls and make payments without any delay.
Customized Services
Every business has different needs. With our payroll and HR solutions, you can have peace of mind knowing that your service provider takes care of the specific needs that are unique to your business.
Legal Compliance
Doing payroll is tedious and it involves a myriad of legalities with the rules and regulations that are to be followed. To avoid a legal mess, clients appoint our experts to abide by the local regulations regarding employee compensation and provide updates to changes in laws.

If you have questions regarding our payroll services in Qatar, don’t hesitate to call!