Payroll Services In Kuwait

At Payroll Middle East, we allow businesses in Kuwait to customize our payroll outsourcing and HR solutions based on their unique needs and requirements. As a local service provider, we know each business is different which is why there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Our payroll services are tailored to meet your needs, so you will have the ability to choose the solutions that you need and work best for you.

Under Kuwait Law, businesses are to consider payroll and labor regulations, including:

  • Companies are to register with the Wage Protection System to pay all employees through local banks otherwise a business is barred from sponsoring skilled workers from foreign countries;
  • Standard working hours per week are 48;
  • Labor laws that are instituted by the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor apply to Kuwait’s private sector, including temporary and domestic workers;
  • An employment contract has to be in Arabic;
  • Basic pay, obligatory bonuses, commissions, gratuities, incentives, and employee benefits e.g. housing allowances are to be included in employee remuneration;
  • Employee salaries are to be given at least once a month

To ensure full compliance with the local laws on payroll, labor, and employment in Kuwait. Employers need to stay ahead and get updated on regulatory changes.

Our services include helping ensure your business is compliant. We also offer several different payroll processing options including review, calculation, and payment of employee wages, secure data management, timekeeping, processing of reimbursements, statutory reports preparation, and coordination with the HR department.

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Payroll Services In Kuwait

Why Choose Us

  • Accurate calculation of salaries and benefits due, and entitlements (leave and sick leave)
  • A business’ single, comprehensive source for working hours, employee hours, leave entitlement, and all other payroll-related information
  • An up-to-date list of company employees with the ability to add new ones and remove those who are no longer employed by the company
  • Liaison with government authorities and management of form submissions, if needed
  • Guarantee that payments due are properly calculated and paid on time, avoiding late penalties and paycheck errors
  • Electronic payslip generation and transfer of direct payment to the bank accounts of employees
  • A team of payroll outsourcing experts entirely dedicated to handling all payroll queries and providing customer care to employees and company management
  • The safety, security, and reliability of sensitive company information is the firm’s top priority, utilizing industry-leading solutions in the protection and storage of payroll data and
  • Updating the business on the latest changes to employment laws and regulations, and implementing the necessary changes with employee wages

If you have not considered outsourcing the payroll efforts of your business, now’s the right time. Regardless of whether you’re a 2- or 200-person business, several benefits for your company can be realized by hiring our team of payroll outsourcing specialists in Kuwait for the processing, filing, and reporting of payroll activities. Some of the reasons why our clients hire us for payroll services in Kuwait are as follows:

  • Save time and money –most businesses that are processing payroll internally don’t truly understand the amount of time and effort that is spent on maintaining company payroll. More and more businesses have found that they save time and money by outsourcing payroll to Payroll Middle East. Processing of payroll is done for them for just a fraction of the total cost with little to no headache. In addition, our clients in Kuwait can significantly reduce their overhead as there is no longer the need for full-time staff members dedicated to the processing of payroll.
  • Compliance with relevant laws – if you’ve tried processing payroll in-house for any time, then you know that there are changes constantly in regulations related to the compensation of staff members. Clients hire us as we help them stay up-to-date with regulatory changes and proactively keep their businesses in compliance.
  • Accuracy in payroll processing – mistakes in payroll processing are costly and penalties are certainly not cheap if you make a mistake in the calculation of wages. Our clients know this and want to eliminate this risk through our payroll services in Kuwait.

We take the hassle out of processing payroll. Our team is composed of seasoned payroll specialists – dedicated to providing clients with tailored and flexible payroll services in Kuwait. Our team understands how important proper payroll processing is for running a business and ensuring the happiness of the workforce. Getting things right the first time and helping ensure every pay run is as smooth as possible is exactly what we do.

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Providing Value for Your Money

Our goal is to provide businesses in Kuwait with value for their money. If you choose to work with our payroll specialists, you will benefit from quality payroll processing at competitive prices – with no hidden fees, and an upfront, predictable cost.

By focusing on payroll and HR solutions, we’re able to pay close attention to crucial details and monitor changes in local legislation, and the ways in which they affect our clients. We focus and offer only what clients need. With decades of experience in the industry, we are confident we’ll be able to exceed your expectations. We’re here to help you make things easier – whatever level of support your business needs, we’ll be able to provide it. We’re happy to address your concerns, meet your needs, and tailor our payroll services to suit any existing payroll cycle, process, and system.

Our payroll specialists can help you make adjustments to your company payroll as often as you need. We give you this flexibility as each business is different and unique. We suggest you schedule a free initial consultation with our payroll team today to discuss your specific needs – call us!

Payroll Services In Kuwait