Global Employment Visa Outsourcing Dubai, UAE

UAE employment visa or UAE residence visa is a legal and mandatory requirement for all expatriate residents and expatriate workers in the UAE which can be obtained either by consulting local authorities or outsourced PEO, PRO, or global payroll services. Companies need to spend a lot of their time and energy on the procedures and requirements when they try to obtain employment visas with help of local authorities. This is where global payroll service providers come forward to ease the procedure of obtaining an employment visa in Dubai or other parts of the UAE. Moreover, companies find great assistance and advice when choosing global payroll outsourcing for obtaining visas.

Purpose of Global Employment Outsourcing

The services of providing employment visas are performed by the same outsourced firms that provide Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services, Employer Of Record (EOR) services, Payroll Outsourcing , etc. The opportunity of getting employment visas to work in the UAE is appreciated by the government of the UAE because it attracts global talent to the UAE.

Companies from outside the UAE obtain employment visas in the UAE to try and grow their business in the UAE business market. These companies who do not have any legal establishment in the UAE try this method with the help of global payroll experts to send a limited number of individuals to the UAE. These individuals work in the UAE and analyze the business market to check whether or not their products are needed in the UAE.

Employment visas are not issued so easily and there are certain conditions that need to be met such as quota approval in which you need to prove that you have space for a new visa holder in your office. Even local companies in the UAE are not allowed to issue more visas than the office space they have.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) itself checks the office space of the company and then accepts or rejects the application for issuing a new visa. All these hurdles to obtaining an employment visa in Dubai or UAE vanish when a company consults global payroll services, PEO services, or EOR services in the UAE.

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Benefits of Employment Visa Outsourcing with Global Payroll Services

There are huge benefits of outsourcing employment visas to PEO, EOR, or global payroll services in Dubai or other parts of the UAE. Some of these benefits are listed below;

  1. By employment visa outsourcing, you do not need to worry about quota approval restrictions by the Ministry.
  2. Employees can work anywhere in Dubai including almost all free zones when you outsource employment visas.
  3. You do not need to worry about the medical insurance of your employees which will be covered by the outsourced firm.
  4. You will find additional support and assistance in the human resource such as payroll.
  5. This type of visa outsourcing is quicker and easier than the other method which requires lengthy procedures of local authorities.
  6. These employment visa outsourcing services can be found cost-effective to a great extent.
  7. There are minimum requirements for office space and fewer restrictions about it.
  8. You find the process easier and quick which ultimately saves you much time to focus on the core activities of your business.
  9. You choose only one efficient firm and the process of management remains lucid and precise.
  10. The firm will be able to continuously update you about the frequently changing terms and conditions, rules, and regulations of business in the UAE.

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What is the Procedure for Employment Visa Outsourcing?

Whether you choose EOR, PEO, or payroll services, you are required to go through the following easy procedure with minimum requirements;

  1. In the first place, the client and the firm will sign an agreement or letter agreeing on all terms and conditions.
  2. The next step will include the processing of visa applications of the employees.
  3. Some information about the employees will be required for the visa processing.
  4. The details of the contract between the employer and the employee will be required mainly including working hours, annual leave entitlement, salary structure, etc.
  5. The education certificates of all employees will be required all of which should be MOFA attested.
  6. The status of each employee will be required whether he is located inside or outside the UAE.

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