Payroll Services in Saudi Arabia

Accuracy and consistency are important aspects of processing company payroll. Employees always expect their compensation to arrive on time. Upon receiving compensation, they need to receive the amount that they’re due; otherwise, there’ll be dissatisfaction among the workforce.

As such, it’s of utmost importance that a business gets its payroll ironed out properly. If you have personnel and you want to save costs from accommodating an in-house payroll team, reach out to the payroll specialists here at Payroll Middle East.

We’re committed to providing secure, cost-effective, and compliant payroll outsourcing solutions that meet your business requirements.

KSA Wages Protection System (WPS)

The local government of KSA implemented the Wages Protection System to guarantee the security of employees in the private sector, nationals and expats alike, in receiving their monthly wages fairly and promptly. The system also ensures employees are paid according to what’s agreed in the employment contract.

In addition, wages must correlate with what is registered in the system of the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) of Saudi Arabia. GOSI collects employer contributions, pays benefits to entitled persons, and implements rules on social insurance. GOSI calculations in KSA have been made mandatory in the country. This is why the payroll specialists of Payroll Middle East help ensure businesses have reports that are regularly updated, kept diligently, and completed as per KSA’s legal requirements.

Our payroll service in KSA helps your company to:

  • Free up time for employees to focus efforts on the core business;
  • Reduce labor and overhead costs dedicated for payroll by eliminating the need for a dedicated IT infrastructure and dedicated staff;
  • Minimize legislative and compliance risks as experts can maintain the payroll system for you;
  • Secure payroll processing by a team of experts.

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Payroll Services in KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) Done Right

At Payroll Middle East, we provide payroll in Saudi Arabia and HR solutions that businesses can implement, regardless of their size or kind. From small business startups and mid-sized enterprises to multinational conglomerates, you will be able to benefit from our tailored payroll services and diverse solutions in making company payroll processing more effective and efficient. By outsourcing your payroll responsibilities, you promote productivity while simplifying administrative tasks.

Allow us to work and help you in the background in keeping your business running, so you can put more focus on important aspects such as generating profits and developing your business.

Outsourcing to Payroll Companies in Saudi Arabia

If you partner with our payroll specialists based in KSA, all we need from you is the full list of employees that are registered in your company, employee work hours that they have given, and other variances. We’ll then process the data, and request the appropriate amount that will be disbursed to the employees. Employee compensation can either be through direct deposit to the respective bank accounts of employees or a standard cheque.

Once everything is done, we’ll deliver a detailed, comprehensive report to company management. This is to make sure you are informed always on how resources of the business have been distributed. Being payroll specialists, our team is always up-to-date on changes in the law to ensure you are fully compliant with the latest changes in the local regulations on employee wages. If you wish to know more about our payroll and HR solutions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

What Clients Receive When They Outsource Company Payroll to Payroll Middle East:

  • Electronic pay slips generation;
  • Timely and accurate, regulation-compliant salary transfers;
  • Disbursal of commissions, bonuses, overtime pay, and other kinds of compensation for employees based on the information provided;
  • Payment runs flexibility and adherence to your business requirements;
  • Reconciliation of accounts (quarterly basis);
  • End of Service Benefits (EBS) calculation and payment;
  • Customized reports generation from payroll data analysis;
  • Availability of dedicated payroll specialists to handle queries of employees

Other Benefits of Payroll Services in KSA:

  • Confidentiality and enhanced security – Outsourcing payroll function can mitigate risks of leakage of confidential and sensitive information, the potential misuse of funds of a company, and employees’ identities.
  • Access to experts – The experienced professionals here at Payroll Middle East can provide advice on the extensive issues that are about KSA labor law, ensuring compliance with all the latest updates. Additionally, the outsourcing of a non-core activity provides operational efficiency to an organization.
  • Cost-effectiveness – A dedicated payroll team comes with a lot of obligations and costs including monthly salary, visas, annual air tickets, annual leaves, overtime costs, and medical costs. The fixed monthly fees of outsourcing payroll functions are far more affordable compared to the cost of hiring in-house payroll specialists.

Backed by decades of industry experience, Payroll Middle East continues to be KSA’s preferred service provider of tailored payroll solutions. SMEs and MNCs alike rely on our expertise for a simplified and integrated payroll solution that is capable of addressing their needs and requirements on time and with complete transparency and the highest level of accuracy.

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Saudi Arabia Payroll Service

With knowledge of local labor laws and extensive market insight, our team helps companies ensure their policies and salary processes adhere to KSA laws and regulations. We’re fully equipped to cater to businesses in various industries and provide top-tier payroll solutions that meet unique and complex business needs.

Entrust the core functions of your organization to Payroll Middle East, the proven and trusted solutions provider for end-to-end, specialized payroll and HR solutions. Speak to our payroll specialists to know how cost-effective services may be modified to meet and address your exact requirements.

Call us today to find out why we’re the preferred payroll outsourcing partner of established companies in KSA. You can also send us your inquiry online.