DMCC WPS Registration and Payroll Services

Recently, the Wage Protection System (WPS) was implemented in DMCC. DMCC WPS Registration is mandatory and registration of employees with an active employment visa or personal identity card (PIC) is compelled businesses ought to ensure the processing of worker’s payroll through the WPS system monthly. Noncompliance to the DMCC WPS’s standards accrues penalties upon employers, thus it is imperative to seek the expert services of accredited UAE payroll consultants to seamlessly register and stay compliant.

What is WPS (Wage Protection System)?

The Wage Protection System (WPS) is an electronic wages transfer system that monitors and oversees the payment of workers’ salaries in the UAE and allows the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) to keep a record of the private sector’s stipulated salary payments and to guard the workers’ wage.

What Are the Benefits of WPS Registration?

Wages protection system offers the following benefits;

  • Offers cutting-edge ways to protect businesses’ interests and lessen the inconveniences related to paying workers, ensuring that the consented salaries are paid on time.
  • Upholds transparency while enhancing job stability
  • It furnishes proactive measures to avert labor disputes, it upholds the workers’ rights.

What is the Procedure for Wps Registration DMCC, UAE?

The WPS registration process in DMCC, UAE is quite straightforward, the setup can be accessed at the MOHRE’s portal. Firstly, one has to enter the requisite data issued by the respective organization to register. After registering, the next step is logging in where you can modify the following details.

  • Accessing the bank on behalf of which you create your account
  • Knowing the features of your bank account
  • Modifying the specific date for which you are supposed to be paid
  • Catalog of workers along with their bank or agent information

It is vital to note that the elected date for WPS salary payment should have a difference of one month only as issued by MoHRE. Also, it’s mentioned that if workers depart or enroll in the organization they have to download a new list for employees and attach it to the application.

What Must DMCC Businesses Do?

Businesses operating in the DMCC Free zone must install the WPS software, register on the DMCC website, and set up monthly employee wage payments through an accredited local financial institution. Businesses have to ensure the usage of WPS networks upon managing payroll monthly.

Process for Paying Through Wps in UAE

Once a business has created an account, the subsequent payment transaction has to be completed:

  • In the event that the business did not previously possess a bank account in the UAE, it must establish one with a bank or agent that has been authorized.
  • With both the bank and agent, the business must enter a WPS contract.
  • A bank or an agent may receive directions from the employer regarding salary transfers.
  • The UAE Central Bank receives information on the workers’ details, earnings, and orders for salary transfers from the bank or an agency that corresponds with the UAE WPS System.

How Can UAE Payroll Consultants Assist?

Subsequent to the implementation of the Wage Protection System (WPS) system in DMCC, it is imperative for companies to seek expert consultation from accredited UAE Payroll Consultants to seamlessly register employees with an active employment visa or personal identity card (PIC) and to stay compliant to the DMCC Authority’s regulations and standards. Thus, contact us today and we shall be happy to assist you.        

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