Employee Time Tracking : Requirements for Global Payroll Outsourcing

The exercise of engaging, managing, and paying employees around the world is all that we count on the international payroll. However, one important payroll function is employee time tracking.

Employee time tracking is the process of monitoring and documenting the amount of time that employees spend working. This information can be used to improve productivity, assess employee performance, and make decisions about staffing and compensation. Time tracking can be used to improve productivity and efficiency, and to identify areas where employees may be wasting time.

There are a variety of ways to track employee time, including paper timesheets, time clocks, and software applications. A business can install any method of employee time tracking. Besides,  payroll outsourcing in UAE is also the best-proven method for getting important payroll tasks done such as accurately tracking employee hours.

Different Ways Of Employee Time Tracking

Following are some common ways available for employee time tracking;

  • GPS Tracking: This can be done through a mobile app or a GPS tracking device that is worn by the employee.
  • Biometric Time Clocks: This type of time clock uses fingerprint or iris scanners to identify employees and track their hours worked.
  • Manual Timesheets: This is the least accurate method, as employees can easily fudge their hours worked. However, it is still a useful method for exporting timesheets, especially if used in conjunction with other methods, such as video surveillance.

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Employee Time Tracking for Global Payroll Outsourcing

Keeping your employees accountable can sometimes be a little tricky but imagine if you could have an employee time tracking system that lets you know who is working and when.

Manual time tracking may result in several errors and costly mistakes. It requires a lot of time and effort for accurate employee time tracking in payroll. A timekeeping antidote is often neglected, but it can get on a long way in rendering sure a firm is operating efficiently. Many companies prefer to hire a global Employer of Record for payroll outsourcing in UAE, who ensures employees’ engagement and performance by properly tracking their work hours. 

Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing with a trusted and organized payroll firm for best employee time tracking; 

  • Minimize Costly Mistakes

Outsourcing employee time tracking boosts payroll accuracy. Mistakes in the payroll process can set several challenges for you. Lessened staff devotion and expanded turnover are common outcomes that amount to additional time and money. Wrong entry of hours results in short salaries or ample payment in the countries where clients get the payment according to per hour services. So, you can overcome all these flaws in manual time tracking by making good use of automated payroll processing for employee time tracking through an outsourced firm. 

  • Prevents Employee Time Theft 

Time theft can take many forms, from employees “buddy punching” each other to clock in and out, to employees fudging their time sheets to make it look like they worked more hours than they did. Also, they can steal time for their business. Excessive use of social media diverts the attention of employees from work and reduces productivity.  

If employees are clock-watching and know that their time is being tracked, they are less likely to try to sneak in extra hours or take longer breaks than they are entitled to. If you have an outsourced payroll company keeping track of your employee’s time, they will be able to spot any anomalies or red flags that may indicate time theft. This can help catch problems early on before they become too entrenched.

Outsourcing your employee time tracking to a payroll company, you can rest assured that your employees’ time will be accurately tracked and that you won’t be the victim of time theft. By ensuring accurate time tracking and providing access to attendance reports, companies for payroll outsourcing in UAE can help owners identify and address any potential areas of time theft.

  • Compliance

There are several laws and regulations that businesses must comply with when it comes to employee payment and employee time tracking, and failure to do so can result in hefty fines and penalties. For this reason, many choose to outsource their time tracking systems. So, they can ensure they are compliant while working within the constraints of trying to run their business without adopting unnecessary technology that could slow them down in managing other aspects of running their business.

Choose Payroll Middle East

Finally, payroll outsourcing in UAE for important payroll functions like time tracking can simply help to free up your own time as a small business owner. If you are not obliged to worry about keeping track of employee time, and overtime calculations,  you can focus on other aspects of running your business. This can be a huge help in reducing stress and increasing your overall efficiency. However, not every outsourced firm provides such relief as much as Payroll Middle East. So, outsource with us for the best outsourcing experience.

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