Types of Leaves for Workers Under Labor Law in UAE

The UAE Labor law governs employer-employee relations in the private sector and is officially known as Federal Legislation Decree No. 33/2022. The law furnishes leaves and other distinct benefits to employees. Therefore, to effectively implement UAE labor standards in compliance with the labor law, employers are advised to seek the expert services of UAE employment consultants.  

The objective of Labor Law, UAE

 Labor law UAE regulates working relations between employers and employees, the law enforces rights and obligations upon both parties. Labor law UAE addresses employment facets such as hiring minors, keeping track of employees, working hours, vacation, leaves, safety regulations, the minimum wage, termination of employment, end-of-service gratuities, and work-related injuries, to mention a few. 

Types of Leaves under Labor Law, UAE

The UAE Labor Law confers and defines distinct paid leaves an employee is eligible to avail. This includes leaves such as annual, sick, and maternity absences, to mention a few. The following nine paid leave categories are conferred as follows:

  • Paid 30-day Annual Leave: 

An employee is entitled to 30 days of paid yearly leave after one year of full-time employment. The workers are entitled to two paid days off each month after six months on the job. In accordance with Article 29, subclause 8 of Labor Law, UAE, a company cannot continually employ an employee for two years without providing them with yearly leave. The workers employed Part-time are also entitled to a yearly break. 

  •  At least one day off weekly

Private sector workers are entitled to at least one day of compensated rest each week under Article 21 of the Labor Law, UAE and employers may choose to increase the number of rest days each week.

  •  Public/Official Holidays: 

As per Article 28 of the Labor Law, UAE the employees are entitled to get fully paid for all public/official/gazette holidays, in case there is a requirement to work on these specific holidays, they must be properly compensated or alternative leave may be granted. 

  • Sick Leave: –

After completion of the probation period, the employee is entitled to sick leave for not more than 90 days in a year, after ninety days of continuous sick leave, the further leave may be calculated as below: –

  • First 15 days with full compensation
  • Half Compensation for the next thirty days
  • No compensation for the remaining Forty-Five days 

It is permitted under the law that sick leave can be taken by the employee without any compensation during the probation period subject to the employer’s approval on the basis of a medical report issued by the competent medical authority.

  •  Parental Holidays: –

These five working days are holidays for new mothers and fathers under the Labor Law, UAE that are granted to parents for their new baby from the time of the child’s birth to 6 months. This leave is paid and both mother and father are entitled to these holidays.

  • Maternity leave: –

The women working in the Private sector of the United Arab Emirates can get maternity leave of two months (60 days) as calculated below: –

  • Full paid leave of Forty-five days
  • The remaining Fifteen days half pay

This leave may be applied up to thirty days prior to the expected date of delivery.

  •  Higher Study Leave: –

The worker under the labor law, UAE is entitled to take ten days of paid leave in pursuance of higher education in each year to participate in his/her examination. This entitlement is only for such workers who are studying/attending any educational institution in the United Arab Emirates. The service period of such employees should be more than two years.

  • Compassionate/Bereavement leave

This is a leave for such employees whose close relative/ family member dies. The days of leave may be different under the Labor Law, UAE. Three days of paid leave may be granted to the workers in the case of the death of close relatives such as spouses, parents, grandchildren, grandparents, children, and siblings. 

  •  Leave for Sabbatical (extended break from work)

Under labor law, UAE the Emiratis employed in the private sector are qualified for a paid sabbatical leave (an extended time off work) to complete national duty as per amended legislation vide Federal Decree-Law No. 6/2014 being deputed on National Military and Reserve Force. The law mandates that all medically fit national males are required to complete national duty after the approval of the UAE National and Reserve Service Committee of the Armed Forces General Command.

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