Best Payroll Outsourcing Tips for Businesses in Dubai

Whether or not payroll outsourcing in Dubai (Payroll Services in Dubai) is right for you will totally be up to you. With payroll outsourcing, unless you have consultants or dedicated payroll staff members, it can be an expensive and huge headache. If done wrong, it can easily result in government authorities fining and penalizing the business for violations of employment and labor legislation.

Provided that you are comfortable with payroll outsourcing to a reputable service provider and you’re able to find a firm which you want to collaborate with, payroll outsourcing can be the quickest and easiest way in taking the burden off of your shoulders. The peace of mind and comfort you enjoy from knowing that the authorities won’t be imposing penalties on the business and employees are getting salaries on time would prove to be absolutely priceless.

7 Tips on Payroll Outsourcing for Businesses in Dubai. Let Start!


Tip No. 1: Find Out the Flexibility of the Payroll Outsourcing Service That’s Offered.

If you want to see if a payroll outsourcing service is the right decision for your business, you have to figure out its flexibility. Remember that all businesses have unique needs, which is why it’s also important that you select a payroll service provider that is able to provide you with flexible solutions tailored to your business’s specific needs.

In addition, your needs and requirements can also change over time, most especially when your business experiences alterations and growth. You would not want to be forced in starting from scratch and looking for a brand-new payroll processing specialist. What is ideal is to have an option in adjusting the package and agreement with the vendor as necessary.

Tip No. 2: Find Out if a Payroll Specialist/firm is Flexible With Deadlines and Time Scale.

For your business, there may be times wherein you supply payroll specialists that you hire some information later than usual. You would want to know if the professionals are still able to manage payroll processing in Dubai on time.

Tip No. 3: Ask Payroll Service Providers if the Prices of Services Are Negotiable.

Make sure that the cost of the payroll outsourcing service is affordable and reasonable. The payroll outsourcing solution has to be able to fit within your budget. You can find a service that’s a great fit for your needs if you talk to several vendors. However, you should remember that the cheapest isn’t always the best. With payroll processing, cheap can even mean errors and mistakes! This is why you should also consider the reliability of the service provider and not only the cost of the service.

If you have found a payroll service provider in Dubai that has reasonable prices and is trustworthy, you should ensure that there’s no hidden charge that you will be given at the end of the service. The final bill has to be what you expected when the contract or agreement between you and the service provider was signed.

Tip No. 4: Make Sure the Payroll Outsourcing Specialists Are Responsive.

It’s crucial that your point of contact with the payroll outsourcing service provider is responsible and easily accessible in order to address your needs. Your payroll provider has to be very proactive, as well as on the constant lookout for ways in managing your company’s payroll matters effectively and efficiently.

Tip No. 5: Only Hire an Experienced Payroll Specialist.

As the government requirements constantly change and the employers in Dubai have more and more obligations, it’s crucial for businesses to utilize third-party service providers that have professionals who are used in dealing with these legal obligations. It’s going to be their responsibility in making you aware of all legislation relevant to payroll and HR. If you are guaranteed constant updates and information regarding payroll, you will feel at ease from knowing your business is always in full compliance with any regulation. A wealth of experience and expertise is most definitely essential.

Tip No. 6: Determine the Functions That You Should Outsource.

A company that offers payroll outsourcing services can tailor its services to suit your specific needs. You can customize payroll functions you outsource so you can still retain some control with payroll processing. In the UAE, the payroll functions that are usually outsourced to a specialist include:

  • Filing reports to the government authorities
  • Withholding deductions and contributions
  • Administering the benefits of all staff members
  • Calculating withholding payments
  • Depositing funds into the bank accounts of employees directly or issuing paper checks to staff members
  • Running payroll
  • Making employee pay calculations

Tip No. 7: Know What to Ask When You’re Interviewing a Payroll Service Provider (Payroll Services Dubai).

There are a couple of key questions that you have to ask a payroll service provider before you start outsourcing your payroll functions in order to lessen any problems down the line and ensure the quality of services. This includes: what are the add-on and basic payroll services that are offered? How many clients does the company have and how long has the company worked for the clients? What is their way of securing payroll data and confidential employee information?

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