Tips on Decreasing Time Spent on Payroll Processing in UAE

The time that is necessary in processing payroll in UAE depends on various factors; however, there are a couple of things regarding payroll which can be improved regardless of the number of staff members and the kind of business.

During a run for payroll isn’t the time in rushing around at the very last minute. This can only lead to incorrect or late pay. Here are tips on how you can reduce the time that you spend on payroll processing for your business in UAE:

Implement direct deposit pay method

One of the time-saving actions which can significantly reduce the time for payroll processing in UAE is using direct deposit as your pay method. Direct deposit allows a business to have the pay of staff members deposited directly onto bank accounts instead of printing and having to distribute paper checks.

Printing checks requires various resources from a business including stamps, printer ink, printers, and check paper. There is also the process of check distribution. Utilizing direct bank deposit can eliminate the need for checks, which means resources which would have been spent are saved and redirected onto business processes that can boost the bottom-line of the business. Having pay stubs for direct deposit, which are commonly referred to as pay advices, can be made available to a business online and it goes one step further in eliminating use and need of paper.

Automate the staff time entry

There are different ways in automating and streamlining entrée of time or hours employee worked.

Copy pay 

Rather than generating pay information manually every single pay run, get a copy of the previous pay run and copy it. This means use this as your starting point for the new pay run. It will be great as it allows you in quickly selecting same employees that are paid from the past pay period. When you copy pay from the previous pay run, you’ll have a jump start, which means you won’t have to keep on starting from scratch every single pay day.

Time clock integration

If your business is utilizing a time clock, an increased amount of time will be saves if time clock data is integrated onto the payroll system that your business uses. This is much recommended in comparison to entering time manually or by hand. Integration doesn’t only save a lot of time, it’s also great at reducing manual entry mistakes which is often inevitable if the system for payroll processing only uses a single person in handling the data.

Online time clock

Even more efficient compared to a physical version is online time clock wherein staff members can simply enter the time they come in and go out using a shared kiosk, computer or mobile device. A time clock typically works directly with the payroll system of a business. This means hours worked of employees will be available instantly for pulling in when it is time for payroll processing.

Save payroll reports that you can use later on

A payroll report can be very complex, plus it is very important that a business gets the right data when distributing it onto various individuals. Making report processing more efficient and a lot easier is through getting reports the way you’d want them to be and saving them for use later on. When saving reports, you are saved from having to continually recreate them plus you can enjoy a more professional and consistent experience for receiving reports.

Improving payroll processes as well as making them efficient and effective will result to significant time savings for a company. Put in time that is required in implementing the tips we mentioned above as well as other methods, so you can be successful in reducing time spent with payroll each pay period.

At Payroll Middle Easy, we implement time-saving methods so businesses won’t have to do payroll processing on their own. If you plan on finally streamlining your company payroll today, contact us for more details!

Is there a way to go paperless with payroll processing in UAE?

Yes, and one of the best ways in going paperless with payroll processing in UAE is by emailing reports. Payroll is absolutely paper intensive. Sending reports to hundreds or even thousands of payroll reports every single pay period compounds the need and consumption for payroll. Email reports so you won’t have to waste valuable company resources.

What is payroll processing?

Payroll processing is the process wherein employees receive wages that they are owed based on different factors. The functions that are involved with payroll processing include balancing and reconciling information related to payroll, distributing wages, and reporting to authorities.

Note that payroll processing has to be done accurately. Any violation to UAE local legislation in relation to payroll can result to administrative fines and penalties.