How Payroll Outsourcing is better than Outdated Payroll Systems

You are currently utilizing an outdated system for payroll processing in UAE; however, you don’t want to make the shift as the current economy seems a bit dismal, plus you would want to save a much money rather than spend on payroll outsourcing in dubai. This is completely understandable, but you should know that there’s a lot of benefits that you can enjoy if you choose to move forward like improved customer satisfaction and improved efficiency.

Take a close look at your existing system for payroll processing and you will realize that your outdated solution for your company payroll is actually costing your business a lot of valuable resources. Here is how manual payroll processing or an outdated system for payroll is affecting your business negatively:

Too Much Paper Consumption


While this may not be among the things that are on top of your mind, a ton of paper is actually used with payroll processing. This is especially true if you process payroll in UAE more frequently. You would use up paper for checks, report printing, stamps, and envelopes among others. Paper costs your business money; however, this paper only lasts a couple of minutes when your employees take a trip to the bank.

Through the implementation of direct deposit, the wages of employees are transferred electronically. Eliminates the constant need for paper and printed checks. You will also be helping the environment if you reduce paper checks, printer ink, envelopes, and machine wear. There is a research that has found checks add millions of tons of carbon dioxide onto the environment when they travel throughout a payment cycle.

Simply think about all the steps which you will be able to completely eradicate with sending employee wages electronically. Your company will not only save time and money, but your company will also help save the environment! A win-win situation for everybody, am I right?

Slow Processing

Slow turtle

Think about the computer industry today and how fast it has progressed. The nice machine just a decade ago is already considered as a dinosaur today. Is your payroll system also a couple of years old already? If so, then do you know how much money that you can save simply by utilizing the services of a payroll service provider which has an upgraded set of technology to help you process payroll twice as fast? Experts that offer payroll service in UAE are able to perform payroll processing efficiently as they have payroll systems that work fast and are constant upgraded.

Poor Communication

Old phones

When your staff members have questions regarding the company’s payroll system or the pay run, are you capable of getting answers immediately? For businesses that are manually running payroll or using a system that isn’t supported any longer, there is a heightened chance for them to not get answers, most especially to crucial questions like ‘why is my salary like this?’ Payroll outsourcing or even a payroll system that utilizes a brand-new technology allows you to get the help you need and when you need experts to help you.

Double Work for Payroll Employees

Pressure Work

Is your staff that’s assigned to payroll spending a lot of time tricking the payroll system rather than just working with it? It’s actually a common problem that most businesses experience and they don’t realize how much money and time have been wasted until they change the payroll processing system. Just set aside a couple of days or a week in tracking the time that staff members spend in manipulating the system for payroll processing.

If you’ve found that your team is wasting time and money to try and fix the system, then it is most definitely the right time for you to opt for another solution like payroll outsourcing. You will not only save a ton of time and money but you will also free your business from unnecessary processes and stresses.

Payroll Services Outsourcing in Dubai, UAE

Don’t feel terrible at all. There’s a lot of businesses in the country that have not yet made the jump to a brand new- solution even when they know very well that they would be benefiting a lot from a brand-new system. But, we would advise you to make the shift- as soon as you can as you will be able to save not only yourself but also the entire team a lot of resources which are valuable for the business. If you feel bad, it won’t help at all. However, developing a plan on moving forward will. If you won’t be able to make the transition now, just plan it out in advance in order for you to reduce the stress and worry that you may be feeling.

At Payroll Middle East, we have a team of seasoned payroll specialists that can help you save your business in UAE a significant amount of money and time. If you want to consult with our team today, simply give us a call!