What can PRO services in UAE offer me? 

Payroll Middle East acts as the liaison between businesses and the government. A PRO service in Abu Dhabi can include UAE visa processing, trademark registration, business setup in UAE, drafting of NOC letters, regulatory approvals, legal documentation notarization, and services on an ad hoc basis. 

What is the Legalization of Documents? 

Legalization of documents required by UAE authorities involves a process of certifying or authenticating documents that will be used for different purposes within UAE. Documentation is classified as below with fees varying depending on issuing or originating country of paperwork and type of documents to authenticate. 

  • Attestation of civil registry documentation – this includes marriage licenses, divorce decrees, death certificates, and birth certificates 
  • Other documents to legalize – this includes all other documents which are not listed above to be civil registry documents i.e. school or university certificates and police clearances 

What’s a Trademark?

 The UAE Ministry of Economy defines trademarks as signs in which consumers are able to distinguish products and services from ones that are from competitors. Trademarks are likely the most valuable assets of businesses as they are part of what consumers are attracted to when buying from you. 

What are the Requirements for Applying for UAE Visas?

All travelers are required in submitting the listed documents below in order to apply for a visa for UAE. 

  • Copy of confirmed air ticket for UAE; 
  • Return air ticket copy 
  • Passport size photographs colored copies with white background (scanned; shouldn’t be unclear or blurry)
  • Passport

What are the Common reasons for Visa Application Rejection?

The most common reasons why UAE visa applications get rejected are as follows:

  • Applicants are female below twenty-four years old who won’t be accompanied by any family member or relative or those who will be accompanied by family members whose applications were rejected; 
  • Visa application for UAE with an unskilled profession that is stated in the applicant’s passport e.g. farmer, laborer or service; 
  • An applicant with a record of criminal offense, misconduct, or fraud. In such a case, UAE immigration will blacklist the applicant and the application will be automatically rejected by the UAE authorities; 
  • Applicants who have received UAE visas previously but chose to not enter the country can face rejection. If so, then a PRO service in UAE will be needed in order for experts to coordinate with the UAE Immigration to clear a UAE visa application. 
  • If the applicant has held a residence visa before and left the UAE without going through the proper cancellation process. A PRO service in Abu Dhabi can cancel the standing UAE residence visa then apply for a brand-new UAE visit visa;
  • If the visit visa application contains typing errors with the name of the applicant, professional code, passport number or any other particular like passport issuance, expiry or date of birth. In such a case, an application can either get delayed with the approval or disapproved. 
  • If passport scanned copies are blurry or unclear. This calls for delays or rejection of the application. 


Is It a Good Idea to Register a Brand in UAE?

Without trademark registration, someone else may register the specific mark that you want. If you are running a business, then this will instantly put your company at risk, including the products or services that are covered by the brand. Securing the trademark of your business through trademark registration in UAE will protect your brand. This also allows you in having the vital tool in preventing other people from using any similar brand or mark. Without the protection that a registered trademark in UAE offers, the person who will register the brand you are using may force you in shutting your business down or prevent you from your goals of expanding your business. 

What is Involved with the Process of trademark registration in the UAE?

Trademark specialists in the UAE will be able to take yours through the entire process of trademark registration in UAE. Experts will ensure your application will be filed with the relevant registry. An application for trademark registration will include details of all products and services which a mark covers, the name of the applicant, the address of the trademark holder, and the statutory fees which have to be settled. 

What is a trademark class?

Trademarks in the UAE are categorized into 45 different classes. With an application for UAE trademark registration, it is important to seek the help of experts. this is because the trademark authority in UAE, the Ministry of Economy, can deny a registration if the wrong class is chosen. Also, choosing the wrong trademark class may get you into a lot of trouble down the line if a mark is registered. When a mark is utilized for a certain class of products or services where it’s not registered, it may be infringing on the trademark rights of someone else. 

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