Requirements for Changing Company Officers in UAE

As your company grows, change needs implementation in accordance with UAE the law. Additionally, key positions in the Administration require appointments during the registration period. Overtime, you may need to change these appointees due to company expansion using transfer or promotion. 

Reasons for Changing Company Officers in the UAE

There are so many reasons why a company may want to change its officers, some being:

  • Relieving the workload – When starting up a new company the sole proprietor usually does everything involved in administration. As the company expands, there will be a need to hire extra staff such as a manager. To do this you will need to adjust the company structure as the manager position appears in the standard company documents.
  • Increased Expertise – A common reason to change a company officer is the need to gain better advice and strategies. Basically put this is Headhunting where you would lure talent (such as a Manager) from another company using better salary and benefits. To make such an offer you would need to have received a stellar referral outlining their impressive credentials.
  • Company expansion – A small company with the aim of expanding can also resolve to hire or change officers to strategize and implement the upcoming expansion program.
  • A different vision – When you acquire a new company, you will probably have a different vision for it, and one of the first things you will want to do is to make shifts in the administrative department. Some Company officers lose jobs during the Company handover to a new owner. 

It is safe to say that the main reason for Company Officer change is to improve the performance of the company by implementing new strategies. Always ensure that you try to find the best person to swop-out the positions within your company.

The Procedure of Changing Company Legal Name in the UAE

Changing Company Officers Process in the UAE

The UAE has a number of Company Registration Authorities capable of changing Company Officers. In order to legally change your company officers, you must provide all the required documents, which include:

  1. A Resolution calling for the Officer change decision in the company. It should specify the kind of changes taking place with regard to the position.
  2. You will also need to provide the approval and signatures of the newly appointed officers.
  • Note that making changes in your administration is a sensitive process. That is because there are some positions that must appear in the standard corporate documents, including the company license. 
  • The required persona details need for newly appointed Officers include the Passport, NOC (should the Officer hold a visa with another company) and Proof of Residence.
  1. Two points of note here:
  • If you are changing a Manager a Company Director can successfully facilitate this change.
  • The process to change a Director requires the company Shareholders participation to carry this request out successfully.
  1. A Certificate of Incumbency will be required for company branches and subsidiary companies. Note that the names of the directors and other company officers are not mentioned in the Standard Company Documents. You will, however, find them listed in the Certificate of Incumbency.

The process of changing company officers in the UAE can take between 4 days to 20 days, depending on the registration authority. Additionally, the cost of the service will vary depending on your Registrar.

Once completed the relevant Registration Authority will provide documentation that the change has been done. If a Manager has been change then a new Company License is issued.

Corporate PRO Services  

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We are well aware of issues such as the requirements for Company Officer changes are slightly different depending the Free zone, kind of company and position. Interested? Feel free to call to make a booking with us today for an initial consultation.