A Simple Guide for PRO Services in UAE

PRO services in UAE offer solutions to those who wish in getting rid of the hassle and inconvenience which arises from having to compile the necessary documents that are needed to comply with local regulations. Firms such as Payroll Middle East help clients in maximizing their time and concentrating on the more crucial activities may it be personal or business purposes.

PRO service providers have professional, long-standing relationships with government authorities, enabling them in providing assistance for visa processing, legal translation, document processing, and the like.

Reasons to Acquire PRO Services in UAE

The benefits of hiring professionals for PRO service in UAE include the following:

  • Compliance with legal requirements – the majority of tasks that are under PRO services in UAE are targeted at helping businesses and staff members comply with legal requirements. A PRO service facilitates in complying with the processes required by government authorities and their timely completion in order to reduce the risks of acquiring any setbacks for the businesses or to avoid any unnecessary fines.
  • Time savings – the activities that are associated with a PRO service in UAE require a considerable amount of time to complete and they are absolutely essential for businesses. Through a PRO service in UAE, a business is able to save time as experts will handle the time-consuming tasks which can be done quickly with qualified professionals’ help.
  • Sustainability – a business is able to benefit from a PRO service by sustaining its operations as the service is specifically designed in keeping the best interests of the business in mind. A PRO service can smoothen the operations of a business as any legal compliance is passed on to experts and not on already overburdened employees or in-house staff.

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What is Included in a PRO Service in UAE?

A PRO service in UAE can be for various tasks, including:

  • Visit visa processing
  • Transit visa processing
  • Maid visa processing
  • Residence visa processing
  • Labor card amendments
  • Labor card renewal
  • Employee labor card processing
  • Labor card cancellation
  • Trade license processing (commercial, professional, industrial)
  • Labor card replacement
  • Labor contract processing
  • Maid contract processing
  • Labor employment contract amendment
  • Employment visa cancellation
  • Employment visa processing

What are the Important Tasks of PRO Service Providers in the UAE?

  • Document clearing – this is a task that most individuals and businesses have a hard time handling. Document clearance is the process of obtaining an authorized document that is required for most legal processes, especially company formation in the UAE. A document clearing service that is part of PRO service in UAE will help ensure that you don’t have to deal with the headaches and stress of having to line up and get the approval of government authorities.
  • Customs registration – the Customs Authority of UAE is among the departments that oversee the inflow/outflow of trading in UAE and make sure it’s smooth and easy. Customs registration is required if you are importing/exporting in/out of the UAE.
  • Trademark registration – brands need protection locally and internationally. A PRO service provider will provide you with sufficient protection for your intellectual property rights and keep out any infringing activity.
  • Visa processing – this is the one task that should only be handled by a firm that provides PRO service in UAE. There are a lot of ways in getting a residency visa in the UAE. The most common for acquiring a resident visa for UAE is through a partner or employment visa.
  • Legal translation – a legal translation that ranges from court cases and personal documents to business agreements. Selecting an official and competent company offering PRO service in Dubai or anywhere in UAE for legal translation is the most logical option.
  • Bank account opening – for any investor or entrepreneur that plans on establishing a business in UAE, a requirement is a bank account opening. A PRO service can provide you with a seamless experience for getting your business a corporate bank account that is needed with business setup in UAE.

If you want to know more regarding PRO service in UAE, read on to find the most commonly asked questions of businesses in UAE regarding the service, or call us today here in Payroll Middle East!

How Long Does UAE Employment Visa Processing Take?

Visa processing usually takes one to two weeks. When the visa is stamped, the Emirates ID office will send a message confirming the release of an Emirates ID. Take note: visa application processing may be stalled or rejected if documents furnished by the applicant are incomplete or proven to be falsified.

If I have a company in a UAE free trade zone, how many visas will I be able to process?

A company’s ability to process visas will depend on the size of its selected office. If you want to know more about business setup and visa processing for staff members and company administration, we suggest you speak with professionals.

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