Family Visa Services Dubai, UAE | PRO Services (2024)

There are so many reasons why one would want to relocate to Dubai, in many cases it is for work or to start a business. With more people wanting to stay with their families using PRO services in Dubai, UAE to help achieve this has become vital. Getting a family visa for Dubai can be a lengthy ordeal. Note that the main reason family visa applications can be rejected is due to the failure to meet all the requirements.

Reasons for Moving to Dubai With Your Family

Job opportunities have seen hundreds of foreign families relocating to Dubai on residential visas. For your family visa to be viable you must earn a monthly salary of at least 3000 AED. If you want your parents to join you in Dubai, your monthly salary needs to be Dh 20,000 (inclusive of accommodation.) According to the migration reports, over 6000 families relocate to Dubai each year.

Other families move to Dubai as a result of a business establishment. Many companies exist in Dubai since it has a stable economy and a friendly environment for new companies to thrive. On establishing a successful company in Dubai, many people wish to have their families close to them hence apply for visas. Such people need to meet specific criteria before their applications can be considered.

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Requirements for Family Visa in Dubai, UAE

Some documents must be presented to the relevant authorities before a family visa application can be considered. Nevertheless, attestation of these documents is also essential since the law is strict about keeping out people’s families who are not qualified.

Some of the documents you must present include; Your Emirate ID, attested birth certificates, labour card, Salary certificate, labour contract, three months’ bank statements, attested tenancy contract, and attested marriage certificate.

If the applicant has a daughter over the age of 18 and is not married, he or she must present a letter in Arabic, including the father’s signature.

As you can see, the requirements are many, and at times one may be required to apply for these documents before starting the family visa application. Not only is it time-consuming as some documents can take some time to acquire, but it can also be expensive. It is important to note that medical tests are also required during the application of a family visa. Your family will need to pass specific medical tests to be eligible.

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PRO Services for Family Visa Dubai, UAE

PRO Services in UAE is a company that can help you process your family visa faster and for a much more accessible fee. The good thing about hiring these services is that these companies are well-versed in what is needed for a family visa application to be accepted. On top of that, they have built strong connections with various ministries as they constantly interact with them while processing visas for clients.

With several Pro services available in Dubai, choosing the right one is usually a problem for most people. Some PROs will go to the extent of preparing the application and even picking the visas from the embassy on behalf of the client. Their primary purpose is to handle the application process until the documents have been delivered.

By taking time to compare what is available, you should be able to find a service that is perfect for your needs. Taking your time to research or consult can go a long way to finding safe, reliable, and legitimate PRO Family Visa Service Providers.

Bottom line

Usually, an entry resident visa is provided to the family members. They then have up to 30 days to attain the resident stamp with failure to do so leading to possible deportation. Note that most legal documents in Dubai are presented in Arabic, and this is another good reason why working with a pro-family visa service will be more convenient.