How to Apply for UAE Residence Visa for Newborn Baby

The expectations are high as you anxiously await your new bundle of joy. A new baby is always a blessing but it might be a source of stress for many when trying to obtain a UAE Residence Visa for them is concerned. However, do not worry as this article will give you an overview of what to do to apply for your baby’s UAE Residence Visa in three main steps.

UAE Residence Visa for New born – Mabrouk Ma Yak

The UAE has used modern technology to optimize the process of applying for your new-born Residency Visa by introducing an eService called ‘Mabrouk Ma Yak?’ that helps in the registration process and acquisition of passports for new-born.

In addition to this service platform, the old conventional process of physically visiting the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs(GDRFA) offices to apply for a Residency Visa and registration for your new-born has been made more efficient.

According to the Federal Laws of the UAE, the process of registering a new-born and acquiring a Residency Visa should take place within the first 120 days after birth. Defaulting this makes the parents liable to pay a daily fine of up to 100 AED for every day that passes after the 120 days.

Steps to Applying for a Residence Visa for Your New-born

Native residents of the UAE may choose to apply for their new-born Residency Visa via online platforms. The conventional method involves making the application and delivering the necessary documents physically. In the UAE, this is a compulsory process for foreigners who also have to visit their Country’s Embassies for the registration process and issuance of resident permits.

The following are the general steps for a Residence Visa for Your New-born :

Step 1: Visit the Typing Centre or Amer Centre. Here they will help you fill an application form. Service charges will apply for typing and these charges may vary from one Amer Centre to another.

Step 2: Visit the GDRFA offices located in Al Jafiliya to submit the application form and other necessary documents re as per the Federal Law requirements. You may be charged for the services offered.

Step 3: After submission of the application forms and other relevant data and documents you will have to wait up to five working days for them to process the application. If the application is a success, you will receive the Residence Visa at the home address you had provided. Alternatively, you can drop by the GDRFA offices and pick the Visa personally. Finally, the parent will be in charge of ensuring that the Residency Visa is stamped by the immigration department. 

What are the Requirements for applying Residence Visa for Your New-born

  • A Visa application form prepared by the typing office.
  • The original and a copy of the newborn are the attested birth certificate.
  • New-barn’s passport
  • Parents’ passport copies.
  • The original and a copy of the attested parent’s marriage certificate.
  • Three of the newborn’s passport-sized photos, with their eyes open.
  • A passport copy belonging to the sponsor.
  • A copy of the sponsor’s employment contract and a salary certificate.
  • Tenancy contract registered through the Ejari online system of Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA).
  • The required fees to process all the above documentation (such as the translation of a Residency Visa and so on.)

What Happens When the Parents Are from Different Countries?

If the newborn’s parents’ are of different nationalities, the Federal Law dictates the newborn’s nationality be that of the father. During the pregnancy period, we recommend the parents contact their home embassy for the stipulated demands to apply for the country’s citizenship while still living overseas.

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