How to Make Your Company HR in UAE Be More Transparent

Since the COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic that struck the world, majority of companies have found it beneficial to be more transparent with the company employees. Contrary to popular belief, transparency, most especially in the HR department, is a positive trend. HR outsourcing in Dubai UAE particularly fosters transparency among all employees and the company administration. It creates a culture within the company of openness and compassion, which certainly appeal to existing and potential employees alike.

  • Share company results to the employees

Among the best ways in building transparency, as well as creating momentum amongst employees is sharing challenges, wins, and losses. Sharing wins would be the easiest part. What most find challenging is admitting to the company staff that things are not going as planned; however, it will increase trust and promote greater unity throughout teams.

CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, immensely appreciates the learnings that are borne of failure. He said in Amazon’s shareholder letter that in order to invent, there is a need to experiment; however, most are not embracing the idea of both experimenting as they’re not willing to suffer a string of failures which is necessary in obtaining a ground-breaking achievement.

When your company HR department in UAE gives updates to teams on status of particular projects, make sure that the HR professionals are not sugarcoating the negatives. Being honest about the failures, providing teams with information regarding the lessons, and planning how to move forward would be the best way to go. A business in Dubai, UAE that learns from its failures is set to grow and succeed as it’s the smartest thing to do.


  • Be honest

Think of supportive honesty that you can expect when you have a mentor. When you feel like it’s possible to give and receive honest feedback safely, that is the hallmark of transparency. Having open communication will not only create trust, but also push innovation and cultivate a healthy working environment.

Expressing important information onto all of your colleagues will create a productive and positive platform for teamwork. Withholding important information can also harm the projects of your teams and break down the trust that is in between teams and members. Whenever everyone in the organization feels like they’re fully understanding what’s happening, you’ll see higher engagement with more creative solutions being presented to satisfy the needs and requirements of your business.

In order to incorporate honesty into your corporate culture, start doing standups. Have a single place wherein everyone is able to hear about the work that is being done, as well as relevant project updates to create some sense of transparency.


  • Break down the silos

Nearly eighty percent of senior executives believe that communication is critical for company growth. However, only a quarter of the senior executives think that their own companies are great at sharing knowledge throughout the organization. A daily standup for each team member would be good, but you should also make sure that knowledge is made available and open throughout all company departments. This will create a company culture that is truly transparent.

Making transparency the priority of your company, most especially your HR department, makes it a lot easier for your organization to prevent a political workplace and bureaucracy. With the help of HR outsourcing in UAE, you can have HR specialists help you rearrange your office premises in a way which promotes expression. HR outsourcing in UAE can also train company directors and staff members to make use of town hall meetings and implement what’s called as an open-door strategy.

Take note: there is no need for you to tear down your office’s walls physically. You can be building relationships among various teams by getting a colleague ask anyone from a different team to lunch. They can also schedule a meeting in order to discuss ways for the business’ priorities to align.


  • Only hire people that care about being transparent

HR outsourcing in UAE won’t be able to promote transparency in the workplace if your people don’t care about their transparency. What better way in promoting a transparent workplace culture than to hire people who already value transparency?

What’s great is the fact that HR outsourcing in UAE can also support your company efforts at staffing and recruiting the right people. If you build transparency into the company’s interview and recruiting process, you’ll most definitely attract better candidates. Your potential candidates should discuss with your outsourced HR specialists in UAE regarding values that surround transparency.

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Transparency within the workplace is powerful as it opens doors to various remarkable benefits. It will not only improve the company culture, but also customer relations and your bottom line. You have a lot to gain and nothing to lose. IF you want to know more about HR outsourcing in UAE, call us here in Payroll Middle East today!