Trends of 2021 on Company HR Outsourcing in UAE

The global and local entrepreneurial landscape today is highly competitive and customer-centered. That being said, more organizations are drawn towards company HR outsourcing. HR outsourcing in Dubai allows internal teams in focusing on core business processes. With employee satisfaction is among the key metrics for the growth and success of businesses, your outsourced HR service provider in UAE should be an effective partner in the development and maintenance of employee and government relations.  

The recent pandemic leads to an increase in the number of companies acquiring HR outsourcing services in UAE.

Here are the trends we’ve seen on HR outsourcing, which are best considered by your business:

The Use of Artificial Intelligence

Nearly every industry utilizes artificial intelligence in simplifying its processes and HR is no different. A 2021 HR outsourcing trend in UAE is the incorporation of more AI systems in the everyday operations of businesses of better workflow and efficiency.  

For most companies, the first implementation of HR outsourcing strategies that rely on AI systems is in recruitment or talent acquisition. Companies that embrace artificial intelligence see a significant reduction with respect to time-to-hire, as well as a measurable improvement with candidate experience HR outsourcing in UAE that integrates artificial intelligence systems can be beneficial for the following processes: 

  • Verifying education and experience that are listed on the resumes of candidates 
  • Spotting behaviors that indicate employees want to leave their employers 
  • Managing employee performance 
  • Answering the HR-related questions of staff members 
  • Customizing suggestions for professional development options and career paths for every single employee 
  • Detecting the anomalies in behavior that can indicate fraud, corruption, time theft, or any other type of misconduct.

Emphasis on Learning

In 2021, we’ve seen HR departments putting the focus on helping their employees achieve varied learning goals. Regardless of whether they are for professional or personal development, companies outsource HR in UAE with the aim to help employees feel their growth has been supported fully by their employer for them to be more motivated, productive, and engaged.  

The importance of professional and personal growth in the development of leadership, as well as focus on meaning and purpose at work, is going to continue. HR outsourcing in UAE is used by companies in encouraging their employees to finally take control of the learning paths they wish to take, may they be professional or personal. With HR outsourcing in UAE, employees can enjoy: 

  • Seeking them personally to share their personal and professional goals during their regular self-assessments 
  • More paid time off dedicated for educational and volunteering opportunities 
  • An annual course for professional development for each employee and manager 
  • Annual education stipends

Concentrating on Inclusion 

One of 2021’s HR outsourcing trends is the concentration on inclusion. This is inclusion on diversity through inclusion programs implemented by outsourced HR professionals. A key part of improved employee experience has always been the feeling of belongingness with a group. An outsourced HR department of a UAE business finds ways in building inclusion into the culture of the company for a more diverse workforce.  

Fostering a culture in the workplace that empowers staff members to feel that they’re able to show up and do their jobs has become vital as a line between life and work continues blending together. Different nationalities and religious beliefs of expatriates and UAE nationals can lead to short tempers and strong opinions. An outsourced HR department in UAE can help ensure that employees feel safe, free in sharing their beliefs, and respected even when they try to be themselves within their place of work. To boost the inclusion efforts of businesses, HR outsourcing in UAE cracks down any form of harassment and ensures that policies are applied consistently.

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Outsourcing the Processing of Company Payroll  

Payroll processing in UAE is very time-consuming for any business. By the end of every payroll period (can be once, twice, or even four times per month), the amount of wages earned by all of the company employees, benefits, and all miscellaneous deductions that are withheld are to be recorded carefully for accounting and reporting purposes. 

Depending on your company’s size and structure, payroll processing may involve payroll reporting added in fiscal year-end reports. This is usually when a company is looking for investors or is publicly traded. Regardless of whether or not the reports are required, business owners utilize payroll reports in evaluating their business decisions and staffing or recruiting projections.

Payroll reports are also required for regulatory purposes, including taxation. Keeping all information organized with the help of outsourced payroll specialists in the UAE can prove to be very advantageous for any business.

Take note: most business owners don’t have the time and energy in researching and studying regulations that impact the workplace and employees. It’s one of the reasons why it’s almost necessary to outsource HR functions in the UAE.

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