Top Ways to Improve Payroll Processing Efficiency in UAE

Whether you’re processing payroll internally or using a payroll service provider, it’s more likely that you have a system to input and track important employee information, including the hours works as well as all associated necessary data to pay them.

A basic program for payroll processing in UAE can meet nearly all of your payroll needs from the beginning; however, as your business grows and expands, there’ll certainly be areas wherein you have to make some changes. As your business evolves and you continue in driving for cost reduction and more efficiency, there’s a couple of areas to consider with a payroll processing program in order to make drastic improvements. We suggest you consider payroll service features which are specifically designed in decreasing the load of staff members and resources. They can also reduce the cost of printing, postage, envelopes, check stock, and paper. As you will be able to save the time of employees and a considerable amount of money, it does not make sense to pass up any opportunity in making sure your business has an efficient payroll processing program.

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Capabilities of experts in payroll processing in UAE which can help not only in reducing costs for the business but also relieving you of burden and improving process efficiency include:

  • Publish pay advice – if you choose to outsource to payroll specialists in the UAE, you would be able to utilize their tools in distributing direct deposit pay stubs or advice electronically. This means you won’t have to print on paper and hand each of the pay stubs out.
  • Direct deposit payment – a service provider for payroll service in UAE can also deposit pay electronically onto the bank accounts of employees instead of issuing printed checks.
  • Online time clock – it is advised to implement an online or mobile time clock that enables supervisors and employees of the business in entering time over the internet. Providing supervisors and staff the ability to managing their time online and directly importing the information onto the system for payroll processing can save a massive amount of time. This also eliminates double entry.
  • Time capture or time clock device import – the import of employee time that is from a time capture or time clock device electronically instead of entering crucial information for payroll processing by hand.
  • E-filing or electronic filing of reports to authorities – reports can be filed by a reliable service provider via the internet rather than having the crew members send the files for you, wasting not only their time but also risking administrative penalties from incorrect data in the reports. With the help of experts for payroll processing, you can be sure that the e-filing of reports is done correctly and with little to no risk at all for the business. This is very crucial as you would not want to get penalized for errors that you have not done personally.
  • Leave reporting and calculation – maintain reporting, payment, and accrual of sick leave and vacation with the ability in printing used, accrued, and remaining to pay stubs of staff members.
  • International tax tracking – pay and track the taxes in international countries and track all tax requirements that apply to your mobile staff members who are working outside the United Arab Emirates.
  • Set up of tax tracking system – instead of keeping track of complex data in an excel spreadsheet, a service provider that offers assistance in payroll processing in UAE can set up and do the tracking of taxes that are applicable to employees that are operating in several different jurisdictions across the globe.
  • Deduction or benefit tracking – track benefits such as cafeteria plan as well as other types of deductions and benefits. You, as an employer, will not be burned with matching the payroll program of the business to an external spreadsheet.
  • Wage garnishment – this can be very complex and it will depend on a lot of factors. Pay and constantly track complex wage garnishments with the help of payroll services in the UAE. Without the assistance of experts, you’ll have to calculate every single payday manually and entering the garnishments into the payroll system.

If you are running a business in UAE and you are looking for the best and easiest way in reducing operating costs and making sure your business adopts an efficient system for payroll processing in UAE, then you have to contact Payroll Middle East. Our payroll services in the UAE will be able to help you in achieving the cost and time savings you are looking for.

Our team of seasoned payroll specialists is not only capable of handling the payroll needs of your business that are constantly growing, but they are also able to help you fully comply with payroll and labor regulations in the country. Call us today if you wish to know more!

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