Importance of a Payroll Processing in UAE for Small Businesses

Maintaining the records of time and attendance of employees and managing each employee’s account involves a time-consuming process. Not to mention the fact that employment and labor legislation in the UAE constantly change. This is why small businesses operating in and out of the region choose to outsource their company payroll processing. Here are a couple of ways a payroll service in Dubai will help you in making your business a success:

Less people to hire

A great but very expensive asset of a business is its people. The right staff hired by a business is very important as it is one of the main contributing factors to the success of a business. However, so is making sure the business is operating at a budget! Fortunately, selecting the correct payroll service provider will not only mean you will be paying your staff member efficiently, but you also don’t have to retain in-house employees for tasks related to human resources.

Full legal compliance for the business

Working with a team of payroll specialists from a payroll service in UAE comes with the opportunity to work with experts in running small businesses. A firm that is specializing in payroll processing in UAE will provide the resources and services that are extremely crucial to a business, including those that you may not already know by now. A team of payroll specialists will help you in addressing the complex yet important requirements that are set by the local authorities for your business.

Assistance with management and training of new recruits

Management and training of new recruits apart from full legal compliance are areas that a firm offering payroll service in UAE can help you with. Consider all the steps, as well as the costs, that are associated on hiring even just a single employee: job posting, sourcing, background checks, and tracking of applicants. These are tasks that don’t come cheap at all. They even often- require help from third parties or recruitment agencies. Comparing the cost of hiring new staff with the amount that you will spend on a payroll processing firm that also provides HR outsourcing in UAE will make you see how beneficial it is for a business’s bottom line to tap into an outsourcing firm. Of course, you would no longer have to maintain HR and payroll officers in-house. Huge savings, right?

 Assistance in overseeing HR rules and regulations

Hopefully, you will never experience stress and incur a massive amount of expenses that are associated with HR blunders. But, not all businesses are immune completely. The best way in preventing and preparing for such situations is by having a clear, concise employee handbook, on hand resources, and performance tracking. Partnering with a service provider that offers a full HR support service as part of a payroll service in UAE will put in a much better position when the unexpected occurs. Offerings for HR and payroll support can even include an access to a team of HR experts that will answer your every question via email, phone, and WhatsApp.

When you are launching a business, it is very easy to think that you are too small that you don’t need a service provider for payroll processing in UAE. But, partnering with industry experts and allowing them to support your business will put you and your business on track in hiring and paying employees. Plus, you will experience ease in dealing with government entities and ultimately avoid fines and penalties from violations on labor legislation. If you want to talk to HR and payroll specialists today, call us here in Payroll Middle East!

What is WPS?

Wage Protection System was introduced by the government authorities to make sure that businesses operating in UAE are paying their employees on time and correctly. The system which is supported by UAE Central Bank and ratified by local government back in 2009, was also designed in order to provide assistance to companies in meeting their obligations in giving staff and workers compensation.

The WPS in UAE allows the MoHRE, which was formerly MOL or Ministry of Labor, to have the ability in keeping records of salary payments of the private sector. Employers that fail in paying staff in full and on time will be identified and penalized by the authorities.

What should I know about wages and salaries in UAE?

As per the UAE labor and employment legislation, there’s no minimum salary for employees. But, the UAE legislation mentions that wages of employees have to cover the employees’ basic needs. Labor Law Article 63 states that minimum wage, as well as index for cost of living, are both determined in general or for specific areas or professions. To know more about UAE labor laws, we suggest you consult with HR and payroll specialists.

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