How does Staff Outsourcing Contribute in Hybrid and Remote Work Models?

What does Staff Outsourcing mean?

Staff outsourcing and HR Outsourcing is considered to be an extremely helpful practice by big and small companies for experiencing a variety of talented resources. Despite having an in-house human resource team, businesses partner with HR outsourcing companies for temporary staffing. HR Outsourcing gives businesses an edge of working with outsourced human resources for efficiency, effectiveness and quality outcomes. Ever since the pandemic hit the world in 2020, staff outsourcing has become a highlighted practice for most of the businesses. It is because temporary staffing is affordable yet effective. Having a temporary resource on board helps businesses in preventing lengthy recruitment processes and the cost of time and equipment it takes to hire someone in-house.

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What is a Work Model?

Work model defines how a company functions on daily basis. It determines the presence of the staff and administration to carry out their responsibilities in an organization. Conventionally, the staff attends the office site physically every day in order to pay its responsibilities and duties towards the job. However, since the COVID-19 made social distancing and other SOPs mandatory, it became a major obstacle for many businesses to function, leading them to massive business loss. To curb this, organizations from all over the world took other work models in consideration for the continuation of business functions and mitigate the loss. Two common work models that came into practice after the pandemic are:

  • Remote Work Model
  • Hybrid Work Model

 What is a Remote Work Model?

As the name suggests, in a remote work model, the resource can work from anywhere such as a café or restaurant, a library or their home. Working remotely doesn’t essentially require the resource to attend the office site. The core requirement for a remote work model is a strong internet connection. Furthermore, the resources working remotely may also work through virtual office spaces to make management and coordination of resources better and real-time. Many companies also consider remote work model for the staff they hire through HR outsourcing companies so that they won’t have to make equipment arrangements for the temporary staffing. Through remote work model, team resources present at different locations and time zones of the world can conveniently work together towards a mutual goal.

What is a Hybrid Work Model?

In contrast with remote work model, a hybrid work model gives the resource a division of days where they can work remotely or attend the work site physically. Many companies give the luxury of choosing between remote and hybrid whereas most of them have given decided days for the week where the staff is supposed to come to the work site physically and function there during the work hours. Ideally the employer can decide which teams should be coming to the offices which ones can work from their home or the virtual spaces.

What are the benefits of Staff Outsourcing?

Staff outsourcing benefits businesses in many ways. If we compare the pros and cons of staff outsourcing, the pros are definitely going to weigh more than the cons. Some of the common advantages you experience through HR outsourcing and temporary staffing are as below:

  • Cost Reduction – Clearly staff outsourcing reduces the cost for business as the entire recruitment expense is incurred by the HR outsourcing companies.
  • Reduction of Business Risks – Through reliable HR outsourcing companies which comply with government regulations, businesses prevent penalties and other risks that come with the induction of an employee.
  • Improvement of RecruitmentHR outsourcing improves the recruitment model of a company through getting multiple qualified resources that may or may not be on the company’s payroll.
  • Efficiency – Staff outsourcing works best when a company has a short term or long term project but does not want to invest in hiring a full-time resource skilled for that.

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Benefits for Remote Work Model

Staff outsourcing gives more flexibility to both the employer and employee in terms of remote work model. You can achieve the required skills through the resource without having the obligation to commit employee relationship.

Benefits for Hybrid Work Model

Mostly when companies require highly qualified consultancy for their businesses, it is best to consult with an HR outsourcing company that can connect them with qualified consultants in that domain. Being in a hybrid model, it gives the companies an opportunity to meet in person with the consultant without bearing their remuneration expenses and work with them.

Thinking to outsource your staff?

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