How HR Supports UAE Businesses During a Pandemic

No one has seen it coming – even human resource professionals. COVID-19 or coronavirus, in just a span of months, completely altered the dynamic of a workplace. Faced with changes in demand, shutdowns, and even the confusion and possibility of an organization becoming irrelevant, businesses across the globe had to quickly make adjustments. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in particular, adjustments were made as to how businesses conduct their operations and manage their employees. 

Ways HR Managers Help Businesses in UAE During Crises

How does an HR department, including HR outsourcing in Dubai, help employees through a time of great stress and crisis? Which changes should and can be made within the workplace? What adjustments will prove temporary and what are the ones that are best integrated as the new normal?

Here are the most important ways HR professionals help businesses in UAE and across the globe navigate through turbulent times:

  • Protect the workplace 

Human resource professionals are tasked with the important role of creating policies and procedures in order to maintain a safe and secure workplace. But, they also play a part in ensuring the workplace is completely safe for employees to return to after a pandemic. Developing and implementing procedures and policies for employees that are sick will prove to be essential during outbreaks. Procedures and policies need to be stated clearly, implemented accordingly, and monitored carefully.

Workplace policies can include the following:

  • Sanitizing and hand washing 
  • Wearing a face mask at all times 
  • Reviewing sick days regularly 
  • Tracking and managing employee temperatures 
  • Response plan for the staff members who test COVID-19-positie 
  • The accommodations for anyone who has compromised immunity 
  • Social distancing guidelines 
  • Establish flexibility in the employee performance reviews 

Human resource professionals, including HR leaders hired through HR outsourcing in Dubai or anywhere in UAE, should take the lead. This is especially important for encouraging flexibility with the performance reviews conducted during periods in which a huge portion of the staff is working remotely. 

Employee performance reviews can be a stressful time. Employee morale can greatly benefit from a boost. Communications from the administration are becoming more important. This is the perfect time to focus on the whole human and each staff member’s well-being. This includes psychological, physical, financial, and safety concerns of employees. There are considerations which may need to be made in accommodating kids who are left at home. HR professionals can help in scheduling performance reviews which accommodate supervisors and workers alike. 

Note: HR leaders should effectively reach out to the staff proactively to look for concerns which are to be addressed immediately. This is necessary when organizational changes occur. With the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it is the best time in building bonds and improving trust between the HR professionals and the employees. This is so even as we start to think on what a new normal is going to be like for all businesses. It’s the time for businesses to place more emphasis on maintaining virtual teams to cut down on cost and rethink having physical offices. 

  • Communicate helpful resource 

Human resource professionals are the conduit for the employee benefits not only during a pandemic. However, HR leaders should serve as the resource for all other benefits. HR outsourcing in UAE can be commissioned as the general resource hub of organizations, offering working employees some insight and information regarding various local assistance programs. It’s a step which demonstrates an organization’s commitment for the health and well-being of employees. 

HR leaders can also help in facilitating video meetings. They can help maintain good lines of communication between employees. An important indicator for HR managers to measure is employee happiness or the joy that they have with their work. The new breed of workers constantly asks the question, “How will my job offer meaning to my life?”

  • Establish a plan for the new normal 

While some businesses will choose in making remote working as the permanent workplace environment, there are organizations that will want a certain number of employees in the office.  HR professionals will play a crucial role in ensuring any transition that will occur is conducted efficiently and safely at the same time. 

Plans are to be set in place which will ensure the workers that will be in the offices remain healthy and free from any virus. HR professionals should take part in ensuring there’s appropriate signage with regards to hand sanitizing, social distancing, and wearing of masks. They’re to make sure employees’ records of sick or personal days are updated through and after the pandemic. 

COVID-19 pandemic offered roadblocks and speed blocks in several areas of life, including in the workplace. Although it presented various challenges, it also created a lot of opportunities.

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