Employment Visa Outsourcing Services

To lawfully work in the UAE, one ought to have a valid employment visa. The employment visa confers sole legal entitlements and rights to a worker. The number of employment visas a company can furnish in the UAE varies with the size or scale of the company. If a company deems to increase the visa quota, it is compelled to fit a certain specified criterion.

What is the Scope of Calculating the UAE Visa Quota?

The UAE Visa Quota is calculated based on the following:

  • Based on the office space, for instance, the square meterage of the office space.
  • If the company is an offshore company with no physical presence, it is compelled to apply separately for the visa quota.
  • Flexi Desk option allows two to three visa employees to work using only desk space in a Business Center. The scope also varies from Free zone to Free zone.
  • The relevant authority reviews case-by-case applications for an increase in visa quota and is subject to approval.

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What are the Benefits of Employment Visa Outsourcing?

  • Enforcement of Compliance with Labor Laws and Regulations

Companies are enabled to seamlessly and legally hire employees through Visa Outsourcing Services, in full compliance with the set laws and regulations.  This ensures employees to lawfully work without impeding the company’s visa quota. 

  • Businesses can Save Up on Costs

Employment Visa Outsourcing in the UAE saves companies on costs significantly, outsourced services enable corporations to avert costs and penalties that can be incurred for non-compliance and misconduct. Expert Visa Outsourcing Service Providers are well equipped with the formal legal formalities and protocols which enforce adherence to the set regulations and standards on employment conduct. Payroll Middle East is a trusted and proven point of conduct for employment visa outsourced services.

  • Companies Can Hire a Specialized Designation of Employees

Through Employment Visa Outsourcing Services, companies can hire a specialized set of professionals, for instance, a start-up company may require a high-end software developer or a director who can oversee the company’s operations. Thus, with outsourced services companies can avail specified talent that meet their specific directed tasks. Moreover, through Employment Visa Outsourcing Firms, companies do not have limitations on the scale of hiring clear-cut talent. 

  • Companies Can Hire From Multiple Locations

Employment Visa Outsourcing Firms enable companies to hire staff from multiple locations, across the Emirates, as there are no specific restrictions on the location of the Employment Visa. For instance, if a company deem to hire representatives in Abu Dhabi while the company is domiciled in Dubai, employment visa outsourced services can seamlessly establish the presence of the parent company’s branch/representative.

  • Companies Can Incur Lower Costs for Visas Processing and Complete the Visa Procedure with Less Time

Companies often have internal Public Relations Officers to handle visa issuance procedures and to handle communication tasks with the government authorities. Nevertheless, employment visa outsourced services ensure lower costs for visa processing and carry the procedures in with less time. Still more, Visa Outsourcing Services legally and formally safeguards both the third party and the corporation in conducting business. 

  • Add On Benefits Granted by Employment Visa Outsourcing Services

Employment Visa Outsourcing Services furnish additional support such as payroll management, administration, and accounting services in other instances. Outsourcing Firms provide administration services such as timesheet calculation, sorting out salary information, and calculating deductions and commissions. 

  • Reduced Risk of Noncompliance 

Employment Outsourcing Services enforce compliance with the preparation of documentation, salary benefits, and other compensation schemes, this protects companies from any possible risk of incurring penalties for noncompliance.  Payroll Middle East sets forth all the formal and legal frameworks that grant companies surety of compliance. 

Avail of Top Payroll Middle East Services!  

Payroll Middle East is a trusted and reputable point of conduct that furnish Top Employment Visa Outsourced Services that are relatively affordable and effective.  We provide excellent solutions which address and solve the business’s specified needs. Our expert team is well-versed in the UAE laws, regulations, and standards of Employment Visa Outsourcing. So, get in touch with us today and we shall be happy to assist you!

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