Top 5 HR Outsourcing Trends in UAE in 2022

The present decade has commenced with an increasing demand for HR outsourcing UAE. However, if we look back on the recent history of HR, it is evident that the past decade has laid more significance than ever in the field of human resource management. Years ago, human resource management was only an adjustable work model, but the advancement in the consideration of HR from a holistic point of view revealed the significance of the well-being of employees. This advancement has also led to the creation of human resource consulting and human resource consulting firms. Hence, the concept of human resource management has extremely evolved from mere coordination and management of employees to well being and satisfaction of employees.

Along with rapid advancement in HR, various trends have also been observed in HR. The year 2020 has been hard for the world of business industries due to the coronavirus pandemic and it has significantly made the industries evolve their systems and adopt upgraded strategies. The year 2021 has focused on the evolution and upgradation resulting in the introduction of new trends with the commencement of the year 2022. Whether it is about in-house HR departments or HR outsourcing companies, newer trends can be vividly seen in the human resource management field.

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HR Outsourcing UAE Trends in 2022

Anyone who runs an in-house HR department or prefers HR outsourcing in Dubai or UAE should have an insight into the following new trends in HR. Also, companies providing HR solutions in Dubai or UAE should also observe the following trends in the human resource management so that they can take better decisions for their improvement;

  • Evolve Your Work Model Into Hybrid Model

The need of the working world today is flexibility which can not be ignored. The recent pandemic has revealed how crucial it is to change our work models. This is where the concept of a hybrid model of work came into existence. This model focuses on the flexibility of a working plan which adds a remote work plan into an already existing in-office work plan. This means that the employees should be able to work remotely rather than working in the office only. This helps the industries to keep working no matter what the state of the world, whether it is a pandemic or war. 

  • Build a Healthy Organization for Employees

As discussed earlier, more focus is attributed to the well-being of employees with the advancement of HR. Organizations today consider the well-being and satisfaction of their employees a foremost priority. However, employee satisfaction can be increased remarkably by focusing on building a healthy workplace. If the organization fails to build a healthy working environment for employees, other efforts would not be enough for their well-being. A healthy organization develops a healthy culture and a safe working environment along with ensuring the mental, physical and financial well-being of the employees. A healthy organization also has the best community services and social health services. 

  • Look for More Skilled Employees

With the increasing flexibility of work plans and frameworks, organizations are in a dire need of skilled employees. The phrase ‘skilled employees’ has also evolved with evolved HR. The organizations in the past looked for limited skills only because the working frameworks were not hybrid by then. Today’s employee needs to be able to adapt to flexible work plans. The working frameworks are now remote and virtual in most organizations. The organization’s HR should find employees that can work both in the office and from home and so on. Flexible skills are not only observed in employees but also HR teams should be flexible to engage, communicate, and govern in different scenarios. 

  • Make Efforts to Reduce Resignation Ratio

While working within an organization, employees always hunt for newer opportunities whether they find them inside their organization or somewhere outside. It is the need of the employees that can never be denied and also this is the reason why people keep leaving jobs for better opportunities. The rate of resignations in the organizations is also higher because of this factor. The HR team should work actively to assess different options for increasing opportunities for employees so that they do not look for them outside. This is the latest trend that is being observed in organizations.

  • Focus on DEI

DEI is the latest strategy that is being utilized in the HR of organizations. DEI stands for diversity, equity, and inclusion. This approach addresses the issues related to employees such as unfair wages, harassment, discrimination, bias, etc. It is an undeniable fact that some of these factors do exist in organizations if proper monitoring is not done. With the advancement of organizations to virtual levels, the rate of cross-cultural employees is increasing which can lead to such issues. In an evolved working environment that is more flexible with physical and virtual frameworks, the DEI approach helps HR to deal with such issues. 

Tips To Adopt Latest Trends

Work environments are dynamic and preparation to change is never enough. Here are some additional tips to adapt to the latest trends and changes in HR;

  • Increase engagement among employees and with employees in order to stay connected. Isolating employees will not help in adapting to changes and lack of engagement will lead to demotivating employees.
  • For employees that work virtually, develop virtual discussion rooms so that employees can easily share their concerns with each other and with the organization. Never leave virtual employees isolated and helpless.
  • Training employees and making them comprehend new skills can build employees’ trust in the organization that they are wanted and they have a future with the organization they are working for.  
  • Conduct motivational sessions to improve the mental health of your employees and better assess their mental health issues.

Choose the Best Services

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