Advantages of working remotely with a Remote Work Visa in Dubai

Dubai in UAE is one of the most attractive cities for people around the globe to work and live in. About 70% of working professionals in Dubai are expatriates enjoying the different benefits of working in one of the most happening cities in the world. Unlike old times, HR outsourcing in UAE has enabled many companies to access professionals for their business more quickly with less hassle.

After the pandemic of Covid-19 has struck the world, Dubai has notably upgraded its charm for foreign workers by introducing a new kind of visa for them i.e. Remote Work Visa. This visa in Dubai allows foreign workers to enter and stay in the United Arab Emirates and enjoy life here while they can still work for their original employer. The trend of working remotely came to this world as an emergency after Covid -19 but many employers from around the world took this as an opportunity to cut their costs and liabilities once they realized that the remote working model is giving them the same amount of productivity and sometimes even more as that of on-site work model.

In this blog post we will discuss everything you need to know about a remote work visa in Dubai and its advantages. We will also discuss how HR outsourcing services can contribute in arranging remote work visas for people around the world to facilitate them to work and live in Dubai.

What is a Remote Work Visa in UAE?

The remote work visa is also known as Dubai’s one-year visa or the Virtual Working Program. This visa is permitted visa holders to move to Dubai and live there while they can legally work for their current employer remotely. This visa can also be issued to foreign nationals who wish to enter the UAE under self-sponsorship and work within the terms and conditions of the visa. This type of visa is introduced by UAE to encourage remote workers, entrepreneurs, and other individuals who are not dependent on location for their work to move to Dubai and live here along with their families.

The remote work visa came out as a direct reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic and the way it affected the work models globally. As the protocols of social distancing made employees to stay at home and work from there, UAE made an opportunity for many individuals around the world it by granting remote work visas which obviously comes with its set of terms and conditions.

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Who can apply for a Remote Work Visa in Dubai?

To be eligible to apply for the Dubai remote work visa, you will need the following:

  • A passport with a validity period of at least six 6 months
  • A health insurance policy valid in the UAE

Employees are required to provide the following:

  • Proof of employment from their current employer with a one-year contract
  • A minimum of USD 5,000 per month salary
  • The latest payslip along with a bank statement of the preceding three months

Business owners are required to provide the following:

  • Proof of ownership of the company for one year or more
  • An average monthly income of USD 5,000
  • A bank statement detailing the income of the preceding three months.

How to apply for a Dubai remote work visa?

Once you are sure about meeting the above requirements, you can start your application simply by filling out the online form after which you will be contacted by the relevant authorities with further instructions concerning the application.

What is the fee for a remote work visa?

The fee of a one-year visa in the UAE is USD 287 per applicant. However, to enter and live in UAE you will need health insurance that is valid in UAE along with a valid Emirates ID card. This will be an added cost for your application. Therefore the accumulated cost for being able to work in UAE remotely will roughly be around USD 611.

Kindly note your application may be subjected to rejection due to any reason by the authority after completing the processing fee.

What are the advantages of a Remote Work Visa?

Working in Dubai gives everyone a long list of benefits due to which it is considered a dreamy destination for people around the world. Other than enjoying the privilege of living in one of the most wondrous cities in the world, here are some advantages that you may enjoy after acquiring a remote work visa:

  • Enjoy all the services for yourself and your family (Subject to your own sponsorship).
  • Take advantage of Dubai’s solid digital infrastructure.
  • Get endless opportunities for networking with global professionals in UAE.
  • While in UAE, you will have to pay zero income tax.
  • Send your children to excellent academic institutions and schools with a variety of curriculum options.
  • Roam freely at any hour in the world’s safest city.
  • Have amazing access to fantastic entertainment options.

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