PRO Companies in Dubai: Expectations vs. Reality

In Dubai, entrepreneurs and investors flock. Last year alone, over a quarter million business registrations took place, which is up by almost five percent from the year before that. Business in Dubai is quite diverse and competitive, plus there are so many opportunities. However, from a legal standpoint, there are also so many regulations, bureaucracy, and obligations that have to be addressed by a business owner.

This is where PRO services in Dubai come in. A firm offering such a service will be responsible for a business’s official paperwork and correspondence with the local authorities. Yes, this includes visa applications and labor card processing.

So you have a good idea of what a PRO service in Dubai entails, read on!

Expectation: a PRO service provider will be one more thing to manage as a business owner.

Reality: PRO service in Dubai will save you time.

It is useful for you to see outsourcing PRO as building a house when you are building a business. When you decide in building your very own house, it is likely that you will seek the help of a project manager. You may personally take on the responsibility, however, you will have to deal with a lot of aspects that are crucial such as managing several different tradespeople, different schedules, and budgets on top of prioritizing jobs.

If you choose to hire a reliable firm that offers PRO outsourcing, you won’t only have help in getting things done but you will also get things legal. You will enjoy a lot of time saved as planning permission, consultation periods, dealing with lawyers, and liaising with the government authorities will be taken off your hands and taken care of for you!

Expectation: a PRO service is only versed in getting permits.

Reality: a reputable firm offers a lot of different services that can address your needs and requirements.

A dedicated PRO service provider helping out your business can solve a lot of issues for your business. They don’t only help in the securing- of permits for your business registration, but they can also help you acquire visas for your company’s directors and employees, establish additional branches of your business, and take care of the practicalities such as the opening of bank accounts for your company. They may assist you on the legalities that surround copyright and trademarks, too.

Expectation: another service provider to deal with will cost me a lot of money.

Reality: PRO service in Dubai will help you save a ton of cash.

There are different parts to this. (1) Removing yourself from complex legal processes and ridding yourself of lengthy waiting time hands you back several valuable hours that you would’ve otherwise lost. (2) You get to save thousands from having to avoid acquiring fines and penalties which you can easily amass when you’re not well versed in the local rules and regulations.

The UAE Cabinet recently announced a list of fines and administrative penalties that will be imposed on taxpayers for violations. Among them are operating a business without securing the necessary licenses, submission of false information or incorrect data to the authorities, and failing to renew the necessary licenses and permits required of businesses. We know that it is not like you are committing offenses deliberately. However, a stretched and busy professional like you can easily miss something which leads to severe and costly consequences.

This is why it is advised to keep clean records with Dubai authorities with the help of service providers of PRO outsourcing. Delays even in responding to the requests and inquiries of the government can impact the records of your business with the authorities. Failure in processing the renewal of your business permits and licenses may also result in your business being blacklisted. When that happens, your visas and sponsorships for your company will get canceled as well. A dedicated team providing PRO service in Dubai will take this worry and stress out of your head.

While there is nothing in the rulebook of business owners that says it is impossible to handle everything on our own, it is most definitely not a smart move to spread ourselves too thin. After all, the primary focus is growing and cultivating a business that can stand without us while constantly putting money in our pockets.

PRO services in Dubai

PRO service in Dubai that is performed by a team of skilled and seasoned professionals will help you in compartmentalizing different intricate processes effectively. You will have the assurance that you need that your business is fully compliant and operating smoothly.