Outsourcing Visa Processing in UAE

What is Payroll Outsourcing?

Payroll outsourcing is a common practice for companies operating in UAE. It helps them in many ways such as compliance with the labor laws in UAE, saving cost and time, efficiency in HR processes, and much more. There is a long list of services that a PEO Payroll Company supports a company with includes such as payroll outsourcing services, handling benefits for the employee, and visa processing. While you register your business in Dubai there is a very long list of tasks on your plate already. From establishing your business while acquiring the licenses to getting the best team on board and paying for their salaries, there is a never-ending responsibility for you. Applying for your employees’ visas on other hand can be a super lengthy process if you are not guided well and try to do it yourself.

To lessen the burden, partnering with a PEO Payroll Company can be a great move. This will make visa processing smoother and will also spare you ample time to focus on your business.

In this blog post, we will guide you about everything that is required and relevant to visa processing through a PEO Payroll Company in UAE. The very first thing that you might need to consider is to identify the services that a payroll outsourcing company offers. You should also keep yourself aware of the process and the steps it takes for visa processing in UAE as it might take longer than you expect it to be therefore it will always be the best thing to consult with expert consultants from a reputed PEO Payroll company.

How can a PEO Payroll Company help you with Visa Processing in UAE?

There are many ways in which a PEO Payroll company can be of great help to you. One of the activities that they cater to you is visa processing of your employees allowing you to save a great deal of cost and time. The two main reasons why you should consult with a PEO Payroll Company for visa processing in UAE are because:

PEOs can take care of the documentation – A reputed PEO will assure that your business is eligible to sponsor one or more employees for your company in UAE. PEO will take charge to ensure all required documents are valid enough to prove your company’s stability in UAE along with the assistance of further registrations if required.

PEOs assign an Account Manager for you – Well renowned PEOs usually assign a dedicated account manager for your company who works closely for all the tasks related to your visa processing requirements.

What are the steps for visa processing in UAE?

To apply for your employees’ visa it is necessary for an employer to be aware of all the steps for visa processing even if you are outsourcing the service. Here are the steps for visa processing in UAE:

  • Offer Letter and Contract
  • Document Submission
  • Temporary entry
  • Medical Formalities
  • Work and Residency Permit
  • Labor Card

Step 1: Offer Letter and Employment Contract

First and foremost, as an employer, you must prepare an offer letter on your registered company’s letterhead for your employees along with the contract of employment. Upon receiving the letter, the employee must sign it and send it back to you. You can apply for visa processing through a PEO Payroll Company right from this step and they shall assist you with further steps.

Step 2: Document Submission

The initial documents are required from the employees that validate their education and experience and they need to be verified by MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation) to start the visa processing. Collection and submission of these documents can be done through the dedicated account manager or agent so that you wouldn’t have to spend extra time and effort.

Step 3: Temporary entry in UAE

Once the documents are verified, the employees will receive a temporary permit to enter UAE to be physically present in the country so as to fulfill further steps of visa processing. However, during this time they cannot work for your company. They will have 60 days permission to stay in the country to complete the visa application.

Step 4: Medical Formalities

After arriving in UAE, the employees will have to undergo a medical examination which is a requirement by the government of UAE to ensure that the person doesn’t carry any disease that is contagious or harmful to society. You as an employer must also provide health insurance for your employees for which the PEO Payroll Company you choose to work with will assist you best.

Step 5: Work and Residency Permit

After getting done with all the steps mentioned above, the agent will then apply for the visa and work permit. Once all the documents submitted are approved, the employees will get a residency visa and a work permit under the sponsorship of your company.

Step 6: Labor Card

Once the visa application is approved, the employee will be given a labor card which works as proof of work permit in the entire UAE. From this, employees can proceed for the Emirates ID application. After the completion of all steps above, your employee can start working for your company in UAE. The validity of the visa for most cases is 2 years which can be renewed as well.

Looking for a trusted visa processing company in Dubai?

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