How Does UAE Employment Law Apply to Remote Employees?

The UAE labor law, commonly referred to as the employment statute, furnishes and explains the company’s responsibility to cater to the welfare of its workers. The law serves as a proactive and protective foundation for workers, whether they are contract workers, in-office employees, or remote employees. Thus, to stay compliant with the UAE labor regulations and standards, it is imperative to outsource the expert services of accredited payroll services in UAE

Objectives of the UAE Labor Law

The Purpose of the UAE labor law is as follows;

  • Promoting equality and compensation of employees.
  • To promote diversity in workplaces. 
  • Promoting the physical and psychological health of employees.
  • Imposes a legal duty upon companies to promote employee rights. 
  • Enforce and maintain labor regulations and standards which govern employees’ conduct.

The Scope of the UAE Labor Law for Remote Workers

Remote workers are provided with the following: 

1. Remuneration and maximum hours, payroll

The UAE labor law proactively protects the fundamental rights of employees in the UAE. Employers are compelled to enforce the following rights and employee entitlements, such as: 

  • A basic salary
  • Meet payroll taxes and additional tax obligations
  • Regulated paydays 
  • Compensation for Expenses
  • Timely issuance of paychecks 

To seamlessly manage and implement the above, it is commendable for employers to outsource the expert services of reputable payroll consultants in the UAE. Manage it all you should look out for payroll outsourcing in UAE. You can assure accuracy and efficiency in the whole process by taking payroll services in UAE into account.

2. Rule on Employees’ Liability: 

Employees’ compensation coverage must be registered by businesses in the worker’s worksite, not the business’s. If a workplace accident or illness occurs, both employees and employers are covered by employees’ compensation insurance. Naturally, one could only make that assertion if the occurrence was brought on by work-related obligations. In circumstances of tragedy occurrence at a workplace, workers’ compensation insurance also pays death benefits to the worker’s next of kin. 

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Are Remote Employees Subject to Workplace Policies?

Those with teleworking agreements are subject to all workplace rules. Considering it;

  • To preserve fairness throughout the company, you should deal with all employees similarly, whether they work remotely, in the work area, or as contract employees.
  • It is ideally advisable to explain any clauses that might be complex, for remote workers to have an in-depth understanding of any policy implementation. 
  • It is also imperative to include a distinct section on working remotely that covers facets such as ensuring data protection, providing them with capital and technical assistance, and proper workplace conduct.

The Significance of Updating Remote Workers on Law Updates

Essentially, employment updates or posters can be digitally forwarded via mail to your remote staff. For posting at distant work sites, managers can also distribute paper copies to remote employees. Download the labor law posts from the federal and provincial web pages, then verify what regulations apply to your employees based on the workplace. Payroll outsourcing providers assist corporations to stay ahead and be compliant to any regulation updates.  

Avail the Services of Top Payroll Outsource Providers in the UAE

It is imperative for companies to seek the expert services of accredited payroll outsourcing providers in the UAE to seamlessly implement labor regulations and standards. UAE payroll outsourcing firms also assist corporations to stay compliant with employment laws, to which noncompliance accrues hefty fines upon employers. Thus, contact us today and we shall be happy to assist you! 

Hazem Darwish

Hazem is an accomplished senior associate in HHS Lawyers with more than 20 years of experience attained in distinct employment matters. He has comprehensive expertise in labor litigation and has also advised on a manifold of labor matters. He draws much attention to employment law.

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