Entitlement of Workers Under UAE Labor Law

Labor Law UAE vide Federal Decree-Law No. 33/2021 addresses concerns in respect of psychological abuse, physical violence, harassment, forced work, bullying, and discrimination on the bases of handicap, sex, color, race, gender, religion, social and national origin against employees. These concerns are deemed illegal under labor law in, UAE. Thus, the law safeguards the rights of workers by promoting worker protection and safety. Therefore, it is imperative for employers to seek the services of employment consultants in UAE to effectively implement employment regulations and standards to which noncompliance accrues fines and penalties. 

Initiatives by the UAE Government to Meet International Standards

Every facet of employment in the UAE, from recruitment to compensation, has been re-evaluated to ensure that all workers are treated properly and make it simple for them to report incidents of harassment. In the UAE, it is unlawful to charge applicants for jobs with recruitment fees. Workers are not allowed to have their passports taken away, and they are not required to get permission from their employers to travel abroad. Ratifying various International Labor Organization treaties linked to worker rights is another change for immigrants. Passing several laws and resolutions that regulate working partnerships and fairly outline each party’s rights and obligations. Access to knowledge about rights and obligations for all migrant workers both before and after arrival, guaranteeing that all migrant employees—especially domestic workers—work in safe and decent conditions. The UAE makes significant efforts to improve working conditions for all employees and expand employment options. 

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Wages Protection System: –

On the Wages Protection System, Ministerial Decision No. 346 of 2022 by making certain revisions in the Ministerial Decision No. 43/2022 such as an insurance system to watch over the advantages and privileges of workers from private sector employees and domestic helpers to enforce the provisions for the safety and health of workers. Further, the system seeks to guarantee that temporary worker housings are in compliance with international measures and standards. Executing a standard employment contract with the provisions of termination, an easy method for employees to change jobs, encouraging gender equivalency at the workplace, and combating human trafficking at the local and foreign levels, it is supporting the rights of people by determining and by ensuring equal opportunity to work with suitable health and working conditions.

What Workers Are Required to Have: –

The workers are required to keep a copy of the job offer which is accepted by the workers. The workers are required to get in touch with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) right away if the employer did not offer workers the agreed-upon job opportunity; or if workers did not receive it from the employer. If workers didn’t get the agreed-upon job opportunity from the company, or if the workers didn’t get paid in whole and on time. The workers are required to keep identification papers in a safe location. The workers have the right to quit their work whenever they want. The workers must, however, be completely aware of their legal responsibilities.

Seek the Services of Employment Consultants in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates established Emiratization policies that require the employment of Emiratis, primarily in the commercial sector. NAFIS, a comprehensive federal project that incorporates changes and financial incentives, is the new labor law development to promote employment prospects for both seasoned and young Emiratis in the private sector. It created a number of policies to enhance employment possibilities under UAE labor law and diversify its national revenue based on a sustainable economy. To learn more, contact us and we shall be glad to assist you. 

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