Common Issues Surrounding HR Outsourcing in UAE

If you’re considering acquiring HR outsourcing services in UAE for your business, then keep in mind all information you’ll find in this article.

HR outsourcing in UAE offers myriads of incentives. This includes the opportunity in saving resources, money, and time so you will be able to focus on the business’ long-term goals. However, there’s a number of drawbacks if the HR department of your business is shut down completely and you rely entirely on vendors in handling critical duties of your business.

Consult with a veteran Human Resource representative, and you are likely to hear about how complicated and messy working with staff members can be. A good HR representative knows people.

The best HR department for a business is one that knows exactly how to navigate tricky waters in business and is able to steer around landmines, ultimately leading the business to calmer shores.

While a third party will be able to handle the basic HR functions, there is a crucial part that you need to remember: there are certain aspects of a company’s HR that are best maintained in-house. This includes talent development! For payroll processing in UAE and dealing with governmental bureaucracies, however, they’re best outsourced to professionals as they require experts’ skills.

Challenges Associated with HR Outsourcing in UAE

The following are the challenges businesses in the UAE experience when outsourcing certain HR functions:

Disconnection with Employees

The word, human, is not a part of Human resources for nothing. An HR representative is critical in helping staff members feel like they’ve been given a voice and that they are valued by the company. Shifting the duties of an HR department to a third party or computer software can lead to the employees feeling like they are not connected with their employers. This can also mean that the administration does not fully understand the needs and requirements of its staff members to become more productive in the workplace.

Reduced Flexibility

In a small business, an HR manager will be able to help staff members in a pinch. This can mean paying out the vacation days that are unused for emergencies or allowing the employees to dipping the leave early for next year’s allocation. When an HR department becomes outsourced or automated, the kinds of accommodations that are for very loyal employees will be very hard if not near impossible.

Problems Can Take a Longer Time to Fix

In situations wherein there are mistakes that were made, going through software or a vendor that is not reputable in providing HR outsourcing service in UAE will mean a very long time for the errors to be fixed. This will most definitely result in employees getting mad or frustrated. Additionally, when a staff member quits, the company will be utilizing outside recruiters. Both the processes for hiring and training will take a much longer time compared to having an in-house department for Human Resource. An HR department that’s run in-house will be more proactive with respect to training and hiring employees prior to positions becoming open.
If your business is not able to sustain or afford an in-house HR department, this specific issue can be remedied by hiring a reputable and established service provider in UAE for HR outsourcing. Then, communicate your needs in order for the experts to provide you with solutions even before problems arise.

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How to Overcome Issues Related to HR Outsourcing in UAE?

A hardworking and satisfied workforce will prove to be the biggest advantage a business will have. A happy labor force creates a company culture that values the performance of the entire company. This is why it is very important for a business and an HR department, whether in-house or outsourced, to hear the voices of the employees.  the challenges that we have listed above are the biggest when it comes to HR outsourcing. This applies if the HR functions were given to a business that is relatively new in the business and does not know how to deal with the workday problems of an organization. Add that with miscommunications and there will most definitely be trouble going your way.
Fortunately for you, you can still cut costs without sacrificing the satisfaction of employees and the overall productivity of your labor force by only trusting a seasoned team. At Payroll Middle East, we are able to help you not only act as the business’ liaison when it comes to employee disputes but also ensure that crucial HR processes are implemented properly especially payroll in UAE. With over two decades of providing HR outsourcing services in the UAE, you get the assurance that you are being assisted by professionals that know exactly what they’re doing.

Talk to us today if you wish to know more. We’d love to discuss your unique HR o0ustoucing needs and requirements.