Top Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll and Benefits Administration in UAE

Payroll processing, including benefits administration, in United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a regular occurrence that most businesses dread. Admin-heavy, time-consuming tasks start to gain momentum as there is a need for reconciling a pay period’s payroll and benefits. But, it should not be a burden and a time of stress and concern for businesses.  Instead, it is an opportunity in drawing a line and start a new pay period with a clean state. And perhaps put more focus on what you are really doing business for. Payroll outsourcing and benefits administration in UAE may be the solution that you are looking for. 

If payroll outsourcing in UAE is something that you have been considering, then we can most definitely guide the way. Outsourcing of a no-core business function such as payroll processing has always been a sound practice of highly efficient businesses. So, what exactly are the main benefits of opting for outsourced payroll and benefits administration in UAE? What will managers, staff members, and your business as a whole gain from making the switch?

Main benefits of opting for outsourced payroll and benefits administration in UAE

  • More time in focusing on your business 

Payroll outsourcing in UAE has the ability in giving your business an edge. The reality is that payroll is a very crucial part of running a business, but it does not work in increasing sales. It will grind a business to a screeching halt in an instant when even only a single issue arises. Payroll functions grow as a business grow. They can quickly drain company attention and valuable resources, which should be best allocated somewhere else. 

In addition, UAE’s employment landscape is in constant change and development. Time and attention that require in staying is updated with the statutory changes can often be a challenge. Without having the proper guide, interpreting legislation does not come easy. More often than not, you will have to hire a third party in interpreting your business’ obligations as per the local regulations. Partnering with a seasoned provider of outsourced payroll in UAE will put your mine to ease with the entire payroll process being fully managed and made error-proof.


  • Setup of security protocols 

Security is vital for payroll. It is speculated that company payroll fraud in UAE accounts for at least twenty percent of all the fraudulent disbursements that are suffered by businesses, although it is nearly impossible in quantifying accurately. 

Having the right people and system in place will ensure that likelihood of fraud from happening reduce. It’s an important aspect of preventing fraud relate to company payroll. With less opportunities for staff members and managers in intervening payroll processing to introduce holes, the payroll of your company can be a lot more secure. 

With payroll outsourcing in UAE, you are also protect by external scams such as phishing. Insider manipulation of the company payroll including pay rate alternation can also be a lot harder when you’re outsourcing to a third-party payroll service provider in UAE as they have more controls and oversight.  

  • Guaranteed legal compliance 

The incorrect application of benefits has led to thousands of businesses in UAE seeing payroll as a growing source for reputational and financial risk. It has also sparked some intense discussion regarding the difficulty to fully comply with the UAE’s different layers of labor and employment legislation. 

Since it is the job of a payroll outsourcing team in UAE to ensure your business is fully complaint to all relevant regulations, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your business is not at risk for huge fines and penalties, as well as potential damage in reputation.

  • Integrated related HR services

There is great return of investment to be had with improved HR services in UAE that are offered together with payroll processing. You will very surprise with what else a payroll outsourcing specialist team can offer. Reputable and established professionals offer employment management, recruiting and training, and timekeeping. They’ve vastly improved their services. And you also have the option of only acquiring the ones that your business actually needs. 

What’s more, with upgrading a payroll service in UAE like majority of companies, you get to build solid relations with external and internal stakeholders.


  • Reduced costs

When there is no room for mistakes, an outsourced team of payroll specialists in UAE can give you the tools and guidance at a lower price. Payroll, as mentioned earlier, is an admin-heavy task. It’s also time-consuming. Unfortunately, there is no room allocate for mistakes. There is no negotiation with filing payroll and there is no way for you to avoid the late penalties. If you rush in completing the task of processing the company payroll. You will likely produce an outcome of overpayments or underpayments. Do it the right way by letting the experts handle the job.

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