Payroll Management :Increase Employee Happiness & Productivity

It is true employees expect their wages to be delivered to them on payday promptly. However, did you know there are a couple of different ways a payroll program of a business can have an impact on the happiness and satisfaction of employees?

Payment Method

The method of giving all staff members their pay can seem like a pretty simple decision, but it makes a huge difference to those who are getting paid. Does your business pay employees by printed check? If so, then you are requiring staff members in making trips to banks or any financial institution in order to cash checks. Also, there can be a lot of issues for those that don’t have bank accounts, which is a real problem for most employees.

Direct deposit can solve the problem of having to go to the bank; however, it can also present the same problem for those employees of yours that don’t have bank accounts. The best solution is to make sure the employees have bank accounts. They may also be overjoyed if they are given the option of receiving their salaries on debit cards. With a debit card, no bank account would be required and pay would be immediately available for the cardholder.

Most companies in the UAE retain a broad range of employees. If your business offers several different pay options including a mix of debit cards, paychecks, and direct deposits, you’ll have employees that are sure they will be getting what they are owed on time and conveniently.

Accessibility of Payroll Data

People work for various reasons. It can be for the payor for passion for the job. Another reason that is of equal importance would be a benefits package that is received from an employer. This is why staff members love being able to check or at least glance at exactly where they are in relation to benefits.

How many hours of vacation leave do I have left for this year? Are there sick days that I can take to for a mental health day? How much have I already accumulated as gratuity pay? These kinds of inquiries are important and it is essential for a business to have a system that provides employees answers which they not only need quickly but also require in making sure they are happy and contented working for you as their employer.

Pay data accessibility won’t just keep employees happy but will also cut down administrative time checking for such things. Information regarding benefits of employees and payroll data can be printed or added onto paycheck stubs of employees where they will get a more accurate version of the information regardless of whether it is on a pay stub or any other place, make sure your employees are happy by providing them with the ability in knowing their standing with respect to benefits and pay.

At Payroll Middle East, our specialists in payroll outsourcing in UAE can help ensure your business has employees with a high satisfaction rate, resulting to lower employee turnover. Our payroll service in UAE also helps in streamlining the payroll processes of businesses regardless of their size. Should you have questions or concerns regarding payroll processing, don’t hesitate to give us a call! Call now to book a consultation.

 What is a Direct Deposit?

Direct deposit is a tool that allows a business in transmitting the pay data of employees electronically and directly into their bank accounts. With direct deposit, there is no longer the need for printing the paychecks of employees. Any information will be transmitted onto correct bank accounts and it’s done securely in a format that has been approved by authorities and financial institutions.

By using direct deposit as a payment method for employees, a business can save a considerable amount of money that would have been spent on supplies and paycheck processing. A lot of employees also want direct deposit as it can save them from having to line up in a bank. Direct deposit also eliminates the issue of lost printed paychecks.

What is Custom Reporting?

Custom reporting is often provided by outsourced firms for payroll processing in UAE. It is provided because every company operating in the UAE is unique. With custom reporting, you will be able to customize the reports that you need for your business and have the ability to see pay information as per your preferences. What is also great about custom reporting is it filters out the information that you want to see, most especially the ones that have an impact on your organization.

Custom reporting is only one of the payroll service inclusions that can save your business time and other resources. If you are checking for a better payroll service, make sure you only hire a reputable and established payroll service provider in UAE.