Payroll Process in Kuwait: An Overview

Kuwait has a fairly strong economy that, while initially fuelled by the oil sector, has diversified greatly in recent decades and now draws enormous amounts of international investment.

If your company is considering expanding into Kuwait, employing local employees, as well as the accompanying payroll setup and management, is likely to be a critical component. This is frequently a difficult procedure, with significant wait periods and delays frequently impeding growth. There are also cultural and administrative variations to consider, which might further complicate problems.

Kuwait Payroll Options for Businesses

You can select one of four distinct Kuwait payroll alternatives that best suit your needs, including:

  • Internal: One possibility is to set up an internal payroll out of your Kuwait subsidiary. If you pick this option, you will need to recruit a full HR team as well as a compliance specialist on your team.
  • Remote: Subsidiaries with a parent business that has its payroll can join their Kuwait workers to the same payroll and pay them remotely. If you use remote payroll, you must ensure that you adhere to the labor regulations of each nation.
  • Kuwait payroll processing firm: Working with a Kuwait payroll processing business means you won’t have to worry about paying personnel. You will, however, need to be concerned about compliance.
  • Kuwait payroll outsourcing: Payroll Middle East’s payroll outsourcing in Kuwait genuinely outsources the complete process. We’ll enroll your employees on our compliant payroll, so you won’t have to worry about anything.
If you have an entity in KuwaitIf you don’t have an entity in Kuwait
If your company already has an official presence in Kuwait, we can assist you with setting up and running your in-country payroll, as well as managing all of the accompanying HR (HR Outsourcing), administrative, and compliance tasks.


This solution is excellent for major enterprises with a long-term expansion plan in Kuwait.

We provide our normal payroll service in Kuwait with the addition of our Kuwaiti subsidiary to firms that have not yet established a presence in Kuwait. Our subsidiary will operate as the employer of record for your local staff (temporary staffing or HR Outsourcing), saving you the time and effort of establishing a legal organization in Kuwait.


For firms interested in growing in Kuwait, our solution offers a low-risk, flexible, and scalable choice.

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Payroll Outsourcing?

Payroll outsourcing allows business owners to sit back and relax about payroll duties, but it’s important to note that it always comes with risks. Payroll outsourcing, like anything else, has advantages and disadvantages.

Top 10 Advantages of Outsourcing Accounting and Payroll Services


  • Saving Time – Without a question, outsourcing payroll processes helps firms save money. It is a one-time expenditure made by businesses in exchange for a period of worry-free payroll responsibility.
  • Accuracy in Tax – If you are an international running a business in Kuwait, you may prefer not to become dragged down in taxation and other government financial rules, especially if you have a lot going on in your firm. Outsourcing your payroll process would help you ensure the accuracy of your tax payments and computations.
  • Government policy compliances – Payroll service providers are recognized by the government and provide several benefits to businesses. If you outsource payroll, you will not have to worry about government rules and laws governing payroll since the firm you engage will do it on your behalf.


  • Errors due to inexperience – When looking for a payroll outsourcing business, you must thoroughly research your options. The firm you pick for payroll outsourcing must have extensive expertise in all aspects of payroll activities, whether it is unionization, restaurant employee tips, or any other thing your business may be relevant to. Minor issues can have a huge impact on your company’s administration if not handled properly, and you can’t even blame the outsourced firm.
  • Penalty for the business owners – It is extremely unusual, but there have been instances where outsourcing corporations have failed to pay taxes and other government dues on behalf of the business on time, resulting in significant fines. Companies in Kuwait are required to pay a 20% tax rate on time. If the firm you engaged for payroll services fails to pay these taxes on time, you will be held liable for the penalty.
  • Mismatched service bundles – When making a sales presentation to you, many payroll outsourcing businesses offer a wide range of services combined in a package. You must ensure what services your organization requires from them to prevent paying for services that you do not require. It is usually good to specify the services that you want from them and determine whether you want to have bundled services or pay for a single service that is less expensive.

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Need Assistance in Managing the Payroll of Your Offshore Employees?

We at Payroll Middle East specialize in assisting firms from many sectors to develop abroad, particularly in Kuwait. Even if you do not have a legal business in Kuwait, we can handle your payroll setup and maintenance.

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