Best HR Services in Dubai, UAE

HR services in Dubai involve contractual agreements between third-party service providers and businesses whereby the latter hand over the responsibility for and the management of certain functions of a Human Resource department to external parties. There are different kinds of options for HR outsourcing in Dubai. The options may be specific to one aspect or HR function like applicant tracking for positive action purposes. HR services may be broad as well like outsourcing an entire department of HR to a third party. In this article, we’ll provide you with a new guide for HR solutions in Dubai this 2022. Read on!

The Best Time for Acquiring HR Service in Dubai

If a business requires an HR outsourcing service in Dubai as quickly as possible, this typically means HR professionals are needed by the business to satisfy government legislation on employment and labor which governs an employee and employer life cycle.

A business that is experiencing growth is advised to consider HR outsourcing as when a business grows, its requirements for compliance become even more time-consuming and complex for the business. As soon as the count of employees exceeds fifty or the business’ annual turnover has already exceeded the threshold for an industry in which a business is operating, it’s required to comply with local regulations and this is exactly where HR outsourcing professionals come in.

If a business is regaining its core focus, it is also one of the best times for acquiring HR outsourcing services as they allow businesses to focus on their strategic priorities and goals rather than worry about compliance and acquiring fines for violations of relevant laws.

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HR Functions That are Best for HR Outsourcing 

For small businesses and startups, important services are as follows:

  • Performance management;
  • Disciplinary procedures; 
  • Employment contracts; 
  • Employment equity; 
  • Deductions or remuneration;
  • Annual training report or workplace skills plan 

The services as mentioned above have a massive impact on a business when they are not performed- correctly. However, listed below are even more crucial to outsource to HR outsourcing firms. Take note: there is no need for a business to outsource all its HR functions to a third party. Simply consider the maintenance of a slim HR department that’s operating in-house while you outsource the more crucial and time-consuming jobs. Here are the tasks that you need to outsource to get maximum results:

  • Handbooks, policies, and procedures for employees – staff members require updated information regarding procedures and policies in the workplace; however, what typically happens is the maintenance of what is considered the bible of a company falls behind with an overburdened department for HR.
  • Employee relocation – staff members who are moving to continue or start working with the business are likely to need highly personalized assistance. You will be able to prevent a major time crunch if you hire an HR service provider to handle the task.
  • Temporary staffing – a lot of businesses in Dubai and the rest of UAE are in constant recruitment of staff and onboarding them. If you consider keeping a full-time recruitment in-house, it will cost your business a lot of money. This is why it is best to collaborate with a firm that offers HR services or temporary staffing services in particular.
  • Payroll processing – payroll processing in the UAE is a crucial task. It is a no-brainer that this is what you should be delegating to professionals. With an HR outsourcing firm that handles your business’ payroll, questions, concerns, and issues of employees on their payroll for each pay period will be handled by experts instead of you.

 How HR Outsourcing Can Benefit All Businesses in Dubai

Significant Cost Reduction

When a few staff members are helping a business run, the payroll is small. With outsourcing, you’ll be paying for exactly what you need and not paying for the service that you don’t need. Regardless of whether it’s an agreement that spells out the services that you’re getting or a rate by the hour, you’ll surely end up paying low or less for HR outsourcing compared to having someone in your office who’s paid a salary. There is also the cost savings from not having to provide benefits and gratuity to an entire HR department.

Expertise and Experience

A third party that provides HR experts to help you with HR functions allows you to take advantage of the expertise and experience of HR professionals who solely focus on areas that you’re not able to. A reputable firm has staff that will be able to grow together with your business and provide you with all the HR solutions that can address your unique needs and requirements. As the services of HR outsourcing firms get wider, you’ll be able to add services when you need them.

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