Best HR Outsourcing Companies In Dubai: Expectations Vs Reality

When talking about economics and doing business in the UAE, you may have heard about HR outsourcing in Dubai or HR outsourcing. There is a good reason for this and that’s because it allows for a winning business strategy. HR outsourcing in UAE is a business practice for hiring an independent party to perform HR services and create value that was traditionally done in-house by staff members. Outsourcing HR functions in the UAE helps companies when it comes to boosting efficiency in the workplace and reducing overhead costs. The effect that it has on the growth of the local economy is exponential.

Even if we think we’re already equipped with a clear picture of what HR outsourcing is, as well as what exactly to expect with a service, a company that is considering acquiring an HR service in Dubai may still have a couple of misconceptions. The most common ones are the following:

Expectation: you’ll lose full control over your HR department.

Reality: this is not the case at all. Because HR outsourcing in UAE involves getting a third party to perform HR functions like payroll processing and recruitment, a company may feel that it’s handing out the reins to a total stranger. A company can still choose to retain the value-added workload to its in-house employees while only the non-value-added, but essential jobs are given to an outsourced team of HR specialists.

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Expectation: confidential company data will be put at risk.

Reality: HR outsourcing specialists in UAE take company data security very seriously. If you partner with a reputable and established firm for HR outsourcing, you get the guarantee of adherence to strict protocols related to security. This applies to confidential and proprietary information, which is very crucial to secure and should be made a priority.

Expectation: HR outsourcing in the UAE is only great for bigger companies.

Reality: all businesses benefit from HR outsourcing. It’s the opposite. A small business or a startup is the one that benefits the most from an HR service in Dubai as outsourcing to seasoned experts will let it get guidance and advice that supports company operations. Hiring an HR outsourcing company can even be a great asset in growing your business, allowing you to gain an edge over the competition.

Expectation: HR outsourcing in Dubai is expensive.

Reality: HR outsourcing experts only charge for services that you need. Also, in the grand scheme of things, an HR service can be considered an investment. Because outsourcing to experts takes away crucial administrative functions such as payroll processing and accounting, you significantly reduce the expenses of the business. The savings that you get can then be channeled into the core business activities like innovation or expansion.

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Expectation: the performance or quality of output of employees will be compromised.

Reality: by partnering with the right HR service provider in UAE, you’re supported by experts who strive for excellence. This means the concerns and issues of employees and their performance in the workplace can dramatically improve. Experts utilize rigid checks for quality control, conduct tests for efficiency, and ensure there is high employee morale.

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The top HR outsourcing company in the UAE 

At Payroll Middle East, you will be partnering with a reputable HR outsourcing firm in the UAE. The highly skilled HR specialists retained by the firm will support all of your back-office operations and achieve expediency and accuracy at a lesser cost than what you’re currently spending. Some of the many reasons why we’re considered by small and large businesses in the country as the top HR outsourcing company include the following:

  • Wide range of HR services in Dubai – our services have been developed based on the local and international best practices in the industry and learnings from the hundreds of assignments that we have executed through the years. We’ve adapted our services to suit the businesses of our clients. Be it the correct talent your business is looking for or the processing of payroll, our solutions can help enhance your HR policies and processes. We customize our services just for you.
  • Excellent customer service – a lot of companies are put off and left frustrated with HR outsourcing firms that are difficult to contact, most especially when there are problems. With our team, you will get prompt responses as it’s our top priority to ensure you get peace of mind knowing you have experts ready and willing to provide aid without hesitation. We’re dedicated to adding value and velocity to your HR efforts with an extra level of support.