Do’s and Don’ts for a HR Outsourcing in Dubai

For many SMEs and even corporations in Dubai, keeping up with administrative and regulatory functions related to Human Resource (HR) is not easy. More often than not, an office manager is assigned with handling HR which most definitely leads to costly slip-ups. The answer that smart businesses utilize is HR outsourcing in Dubai. For a successful HR outsourcing, here are the do’s and don’ts that you have to take to heart.


  • Skip goal setting or strategic planning. A lot of organizations in the country or even in the GCC approach HR outsourcing as if they are hungry people at the grocery store. They think they want everything. However, this leads to committing to a portion of a company’s budget without getting a good picture of what that ‘everything’ is exactly. The approach of your business should be to look at HR outsourcing in Dubai as a strategic and major initiative. There should be specific objectives and proper identification of the budget that you think your business can allocate to it.
  • Forget to conduct an analysis of the service provider. There are a lot of service providers that offer HR outsourcing in Dubai – HR Services in Dubai. There is a lot that you are even considering at the moment. Although it can seem like it is easy to pick one as your trusted adviser, a careful process of selection will prove to be necessary. You have to look into factors like the years or even decades in which the firm has existed and if it is involved in legal action. You should also know if the business is offering special expertise which is specific to the kind of business that you are running.
  • Fail to introduce the HR service to your employees. You have to remember that the people who will be subjected to the service would be your employees apart from the government authorities. Depending on the services that you choose to get, your employees’ benefits, payroll services in UAE, and personal information would be in the hands of the service provider. It is, therefore, important that you give your employees information on the HR functions that you choose to outsource as well as the provider that you’ve hired. More importantly, let them understand the transition process.
  • Miss on setting up the measurement standards for the service. Select and track metrics that would be able to provide you with an idea of whether an arrangement is working or not. This can include project time – tasks and projects of HR which have to be completed efficiently and quickly when they are outsourced. Survey the employees of your company as well, and create points of data that are associated with their engagement and satisfaction.


  • Establish proper communication channels with the HR outsourcing service provider. With HR outsourcing in Dubai, communication is key. For the endeavor to be successful, there has to be proper communication between the parties that are involved. The quality of communication will determine whether the parties involved will work well together. Communication between the service provider for HR outsourcing in Dubai and your business is paramount to success.
  • Browse the client list of the service provider. As you are choosing a business to hire for HR outsourcing, it’s important that you understand the clients that have trusted the outsourcing provider you wish to hire. Do this before you sign a contract. You may be able to check the types of companies an HR outsourcing firm has worked with through them by asking for references. With this, you’d be able to understand their expertise and experience. You would also have a good idea of whether the team will be able to maximize opportunities for you or even contribute to your organization’s growth and success.
  • Understand the services and training. Another important aspect that should be taken care of is understanding the services an HR outsourcing company – HR Services in Dubai – offers your business as it’s essential in letting you know exactly what the firm is capable of. What you want is to partner with a firm that will soon become its asset. Understanding as well the training and HR outsourcing firm would offer is necessary as it’s going to have a direct impact on the skills of your staff members. What you want is for the service provider of HR outsourcing in Dubai to help you enhance compliance with local regulations, gain knowledge, increase your efficiency, and reduce risk. Apart from that, with the training that will be provided by the HR outsourcing firm, hopefully, you’d be able to enhance the retention rate of your employees.