Guide on UAE Global EOR (Employer of Record) 2023

A global employer of record (EOR) is a company that serves as the legal employer of record for a client’s employees working in another country. When expanding your business globally, designating an EOR is essential to ensure compliance with local employment laws and regulations in each country your company operates.

As the legal employer, the global EOR assumes responsibilities of payroll processing, benefits administration, regulatory compliance related to employment and ensures all documentation is handled properly. This allows the client company to focus on its core business without having to establish a legal entity in each country or deal with the complexities of foreign employment laws.

How does an EOR work globally?

When expanding a business globally, the company needs to determine the EOR for each country in which they have employees or a presence. This EOR will be responsible for ensuring that all local employment-related filings are made correctly and on time. They will also be the primary point of contact with local labor authorities on HR, payroll, and benefits matters.

Some large multinational companies may designate certain employees as the EOR in each country or region they operate in. However, for small to medium-sized companies, it is often more practical and cost-effective to outsource the EOR role to a professional employer organization (PEO) or global EOR provider. These specialized companies can handle all the local HR legal and tax compliance requirements on the company’s behalf across multiple jurisdictions.

Benefits of using a global EOR provider

There are several key benefits for companies to use a professional global EOR provider rather than trying to manage the role internally:

  • Compliance expertise: Global EOR companies have extensive expertise with the complex employment laws and regulations in each country/state. They ensure all compliance is handled properly to avoid any legal risks or penalties.
  • Efficient processes: Professional EOR providers have optimized technology and processes to efficiently handle payroll, benefits administration, HR administration and record-keeping for clients.
  • Lower costs: Outsourcing to an EOR provider is often more cost-effective than trying to fulfill the EOR role internally across multiple locations with in-house resources.
  • Reduced responsibilities: Companies can focus on their core business operations while the EOR provider handles all local HR, payroll and compliance responsibilities.
  • Centralized management: EOR providers give clients centralized dashboards and reports to manage their global workforce from any location.

Role of Payroll Outsourcing in Global EOR

Payroll outsourcing is a key component of Global EOR services, ensuring accurate and timely processing of payroll while adhering to local tax regulations. Payroll Middle East’s integrated approach includes:

  • Automated Payroll Processing: Leveraging advanced payroll software for efficient and error-free payroll processing.
  • Tax Compliance: Ensuring compliance with UAE tax regulations and handling all aspects of payroll taxation.
  • Employee Self-Service Portals: Providing employees with s0ecure portals for accessing pay stubs, tax documents, and other relevant information.

The Integration of HR Services in Global EOR

Beyond payroll, comprehensive HR services play a crucial role in the success of global expansion. Payroll Middle East extends its expertise to provide the following HR services:

  • Recruitment Assistance: Facilitating the recruitment process by sourcing, screening, and onboarding qualified candidates.
  • Employee Training and Development: Supporting businesses in fostering a skilled workforce through tailored training programs.
  • Performance Management: Implementing performance appraisal systems to ensure ongoing employee development and engagement.

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Top Employer of Record Companies in UAE

When considering Global EOR services in the UAE, it’s essential to be aware of the top companies providing these services. Among the notable players, Payroll Middle East stands out for its comprehensive range of services and commitment to ensuring a seamless experience for its clients.

Payroll Middle East is a leading provider of HR and payroll outsourcing services in the UAE. With a strong emphasis on compliance, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, Payroll Middle East has positioned itself as a reliable partner for companies looking to leverage Global EOR services.


Payroll Middle East offers a spectrum of services, including:

Service Category

Key Offerings

Global EOR Services– Employee Onboarding
– Contract Management
– Compliance Assurance
Payroll Outsourcing Services– Salary Calculations
– Tax Deductions
– Reporting
HR Services– Recruitment
– Employee Management
– Training and Development



In conclusion, navigating the complexities of global employment in the UAE requires a strategic approach and the right partners. Payroll Middle East emerges as a key player, offering a suite of services that streamline the process of hiring, onboarding, and managing employees in the UAE. By choosing Payroll Middle East’s Global Employer of Record Services, companies can achieve flexibility, ensure compliance, and focus on their core business activities, ultimately contributing to a successful and seamless expansion into the vibrant UAE market.

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FAQs on global EOR services

Q. What is the difference between an EOR and a PEO?

A EOR is responsible for all employment administration and compliance for a company in one country. A PEO (Professional Employer Organization) co-employs the client’s entire workforce across multiple locations/countries.

Q. What is the difference between traditional company setup and Global EOR services in the UAE?

Traditional company setup involves establishing a legal entity, which can be time-consuming and costly. Global EOR services, on the other hand, allow companies to hire employees without setting up a legal entity, offering a faster and more cost-effective solution.

Q. How does Payroll Middle East ensure compliance with UAE labor laws?

Payroll Middle East has a team of experts well-versed in UAE labor laws. They conduct regular updates to ensure that all processes and procedures adhere to the latest regulations, minimizing legal risks for client companies.

Q. Can Payroll Middle East handle the entire HR process for client companies?

Yes, Payroll Middle East provides end-to-end HR services, including recruitment, onboarding, and employee management. This comprehensive approach ensures that client companies can focus on their core business activities while HR processes are efficiently handled.